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5 Reasons to Oppose Common Core

FJSmith's picture

Your second point about privacy is quite misguided. I have done research on this and found: stated, "Our research found that Common Core does not include a data collection component." ( has stated, "Implementing the Common Core State Standards does not require data collection." (

Parenting New Hampshire stated, "In New Hampshire, there is no additional data collected as part of Smarter Balance or Common Core..." (

In "S.C. teachers, administrators defend Common Core standards" Harriet Jaworowski, an associate superintendent in the Rock Hill school district said, "No one can get data with names ever. If (the government) got student-level information, they would get groups of students," and no names would be attached, because that would be a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

I have talked to the Arizona Education Department. They say they are not collecting personal data on students - only educational information which will be used without being connected to student names.

Also, as a kindergarten through 8th grade teacher I would strongly disagree with your other 4 points. You are severely misrepresenting what Common Core is. I see it as an opportunity for American children to all receive a quality education.