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$5 Trillion added to debt since the last budget

Since the senate democrats last passed a budget, the American government has accrued $5 trillion dollars in new debt. The last budget was passed three and a half years ago and, in that time, our debt has risen from $11.2 trillion to $16.2. That is a terrifying benchmark.

The last two years, the GOP has written budgets which have passed in the House. However,  once these are sent to the Senate, they are not even taken up. The Senate Budget Committee talks about budgets, but has not passed one out of committee in years. In 2010, the Senate Budget Committee passed a Democrat budget, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid never brought it to the Senate floor. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has twice forced votes on budgets passed by the House, as well as on other budget proposals. Each time, these are voted down by Democrats. Each budget resolution is only a Congressional document which needs to pass by a majority vote in each house, but it is not a law. 

Democrats have claimed that the debt ceiling deal from August 2011 is a budget because it sets spending levels and was signed into law. However, it was never part of the actual budget process. This is just posturing to cover up the fact that they have failed to pass a budget, and we are quickly approaching the fiscal cliff. Democrats voted down the House, they voted down the President’s budget, they voted down budgets proposed by senators. While they were busy voting down solutions, they have added a staggering $5 trillion to our debt.