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Press Release

Advancing the Gas Price Protest in Spartanburg, South Carolina



p> Spartanburg, SC  On August 25th, Southeastern Region Director, Allen Page spoke to the Spartanburg County Republican party about our Gas Price Protest.  Over 100 Spartanburg County Republians heard from FreedomWorks Monday night on the importance of increasing domestic production to lower energy prices.

Rick Beltram, Spartanburg County Republican Chair ,invited Allen to speak to the group, after he had received the packet in the mail in July. Rick commented "you wanted something to do worthwhile on the price of gas, distribute these petitions."  Also Allen asked the group to call Senator Graham and thank him for signing Senator DeMint's letter calling for allowing the drilling moratorium  expire October 1.  They also needed to call Senator's Chambliss and Dole and ask them to sign the letter.

Petitions and letters were distributed to all 100 attending.

Allen Page asks the crowd to get more signers for Sen. DeMint's letter

Rick Beltram