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Is the Age of Obama Over?


Nearly eight years have passed since progressive liberals packaged the grand deception called Barack Obama. The promise of hope and change was intoxicating to a war-weary and economically stressed nation.

Obama was the perfect foil and a modern day Trojan Horse who would appear to be a gift and answer to a country with a history of racial strife and tension. The Greek Column Night of his first election victory would encourage even the hardened sceptic to have a moment of pause and marvel at just how far America had come on the political evolutionary scale.

That was 2008; the year now is 2015, and after a surprising re-election in 2012 of a president under fire for policies that have defined constitutional gravity. The question must be asked, is the Age of Obama really over? Unfortunately, the effects of his administrative failure may have lasting effects on the landscape of America for years to come if we fail to support senators and congressmen who will heed the grassroots common sense that is necessary to correct the co-conspiracy that Speaker Boehner has engaged in with the Obama administration.

I also must note that the promise of racial unity that could have been found in the first American President of color apparently will also be elusive. Hope and change will come, but it will be found in the indomitable spirit of We the American People.

David Gearhart's picture
David Gearhart

6 years of Obama and the democrats with no controls. With this Iran deal they have proved once again that only the democrats control our government. The republicans beat the democrats in 2 elections and they still put through this Iran deal for Iran to get 500 billion to insure that they will become a nuclear power. Obama and the liberal in congress are the enemies of the people. The senate vote of 34 democrats just endangered the whole world to the Islamic take over that Obama is supporting.

James Wardley's picture
James Wardley

I think in 2014 the PEOPLE have spoken, and it looks the majority of Americans are still mad as hell.. What the next President will need are a few new pens with a LOT of INK... to undo all the unconstitutional wrongs Obama has done.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Nope. Not by a long shot. This isn't an era either. It's called progress. Simply put, Obama has been one of the most transformative presidents in recent history. The advancement in civil liberties has been unprecedented. At the same time the country has also been changing with a rapid shift in demographics.
Meanwhile and sadly the GOP has failed to keep up. The best they've tried to do is try and stop these steady advancements by stalling and sitting on their hands. They might have succeeded in slowing down the process but in the end every law, every civil improvement and every set goal had so far been met.
Those whom think the answer is to turn back the clock and regress are in for disappointment: we as Americans NEVER go back. We only move forward.

So either the GOP can get more reasonable or they can continue on as they've been doing and slowly recede Ono obscurity.

Guy Beebe's picture
Guy Beebe

The age of Obama will not end until we have repealed every law passed, every regulation written, and every Executive Order he supported.

Then, it will be time to track down and prosecute the co-conspirators who were party to his treason.