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Press Release

ALERT: Vulnerable Democrats Could Help Kill ObamaCare!


We’re in the final stretch of the fight against ObamaCare—and we can win! The Senate and House each passed different version of this hostile takeover of America’s health care system by the narrowest margins, but now they have to resolve their differences and vote on it again.


Remember, Pelosi barely held Democrats together in passing ObamaCare the first time. A narrow 220 to 215 margin means we can kill ObamaCare in the House by flipping just 3 votes!

FreedomWorks has identified 13 critical Democrat targets that we believe are the most likely to abandon Pelosi in her quest to socialize health care. These Democrats are so-called “Blue Dogs” representing conservative districts and they are facing strong Republican challengers in this year’s election. That makes them very susceptible locally to pressure from constituents, and nationally from anyone who might be persuaded to give money to their opponent’s campaign.

Our online War Room has been updated to include these new Democrat targets as well as new issue updates and opportunities for you to make your voice hear on this critical issue. Help us ramp up the pressure on these new targeted lawmakers and convince them not to side with their liberal leadership on this bill.

The latest version of ObamaCare that the House is expected to take up in a matter of weeks is even worse than the version that they passed the first time. It has become a secret industry-negotiated deal that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi brokered with big health insurance and pharmaceutical companies behind closed doors. The critical pressure point is the individual mandate. This forces American’s to buy expensive insurance plans whether or not they need it or want it. Health insurance companies and drug companies get rich and as usual, taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

We must specifically pressure these 13 Democrats to stand against the individual mandate currently in the latest version of the House health care bill. Use FreedomWorks online War Room to contact them and tell them that an individual mandate that makes insurance and drug companies rich at taxpayers’ expense is the wrong way to reform health care and that voters and political donors will be watching their vote closely.