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America Must Establish a Stable Legal Order


A Predictable and Stable Legal Order

A government with moral and legal authority promulgates written rules and universally, impartially and uniformly enforces the rules providing a predictable and stable legal order on which to base economic and personal decisions.  The law prevails, not the proclamation or arbitrary decision of a ruler, government bureaucrat, enforcer (e.g., policeman) or judge.

America Must Establish a Stable Legal Order

Why are so many American out of work?  Why is the economy wallowing?  The answer is: arbitrary and impulsive governance.  Rather than establishing a predictable and stable legal order, President Obama has fostered disorder.  Americans and their businesses cannot anticipate future tax rates, health care costs and additional regulatory burdens.  Without stable policies, Americans are extremely hesitant to invest their time and money, which would expand the economy and increase employment.

Monetarily, the Federal Reserve has pumped large amounts of dollars into the economy, and interest rates are currently about as low as they can possibly go.  Banks are flush with extra cash, and most businesses have unused money in their pockets.  However, America’s immediate problem is not the lack of cash, but incompetent governance.

Allan Meltzer, a professor of political economy at Carnegie Melton University, explains in the Wall Street Journal:  

To get out of our bad economic situation, we need coherent long-term fiscal policy, especially entitlement reform.

…  Business investment is held back by uncertainty. No one can reliably calculate tax rates, health-care costs, and the regulatory burden until after the election, if then. How can corporate officers calculate expected return when they cannot know these future costs?

At Real Clear Politics, Michael Gerson observes the regulatory chaos caused by ObamaCare and banking regulations:  

Obama's major regulatory initiatives, particularly Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial reform, have added to economic uncertainty. Businesses are waiting for the implications of these laws to become clear, and federal rules to be written, before making investment choices.

Irresponsibly, President Obama has totally ignored government’s crushing debt (which must be paid by future workers) and an instable tax policy.  Worse, the President refuses to utilize available energy supplies.  Again, Gerson observes:

… the Obama administration has failed to make tough calls and secure legislative compromises on a variety of issues -- the federal debt, future tax rates, the Keystone pipeline -- that might remove sources of economic uncertainty. Instead, we get short-term policy extensions on large policy matters.

Instead of securing predictable and stable policies, President Obama imposed his legacy agenda – ObamaCare, solar panels, windmills, and increased regulations.  All decreed by Obama’s czars and their bureaucrats.  Consequently, the economy stagnated, exacerbating America’s unemployed plight.

Politely, Professor Meltzer makes a plea for good governance, specifically long-term solutions – balanced budgets, reduced spending and entitlement reform:

The policies that are really needed are on the fiscal side. Instead of more short-term stimulus, we need a government that puts us on a path toward a balanced budget over time, mainly by reducing spending. Instead of denigrating and then ignoring House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's courageous effort at entitlement reform, the administration should put a program on the table to control our deficits.

Exactly!  Stable and predictable policies, focused on less spending, a balanced budget and entitlement reform, are essential to reviving freedom and prosperity in America.  So far, only the Republicans have made serious proposals to reduce the size of government and install a stable legal order. This is the essence of the Cut, Cap and Balance legislation passed by the House over a year ago. 

Recently, Senators DeMint (R, SC), Lee (R,Ut), Paul (R, Ky) and Rubio (R, Fl) have proposed similar legislation in the Senate.  So far, President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have stopped Cut, Cap and Balance.  [Read:]

America desperately needs to constrict arbitrary governance. This will only occur, when demanded by We the People.  To enact major legislation, the politicians seeking reform must have strong and consistent support from voters.

This is the mission of FreedomWorks.  With over a million members, FreedomWorks is the nexus between politicians and concerned voters - an inside and outside government coalition.

Working with the politicians – e.g., Senator DeMint and Representative Paul Ryan, FreedomWorks has actively supported entitlement reform, Cut, Cap and Balance as well as regulatory reform. Simultaneously working with thousands of concerned American voters, FreedomWorks also helped produce the Tea Party Budget

This citizens’ budget reduces spending by nearly $10 trillion in 10 years, reforms Social Security with personal saving accounts and reduces the power of government.  The citizens’ budget gives guidance and encouragement to the politicians.  The coalition of politicians and strong citizen involvement is the only process which will reduce the size and power of government and help establish a stable legal order.

FreedomWorks is also joining local Tea Party activists to recruit and assist candidates dedicated to freedom.  Senators Rubio and Lee are examples of politicians assisted by Freedomworks.  These Senators and other Members of Congress were recruited because of their dedication to small and defined rules of governance, which establishes a stable legal order.

Now is the time to join FreedomWorks; help end arbitrary, impulsive and destructive governance and enact a predicable and stable legal order.  With a predictable legal order, Americans will work, buy, sell, exchange, save and invest.  Then, freedom and prosperity will thrive.

WmTell's picture
Wm Tell

Yes, Ted; I believe, Sir, you are correct in many areas of your statements; however, this past week, "bundled" with Dictatorial calculations hurdling over Constitution Freedoms, I am literally nauseous witnessing the destruction and dissemination of the Oldest and Longest surviving Republic in the History of man--and--with the "obvious" crutch of Contemporary Media, not all, these fools have the sand to be the mettle , baby; 2012 elections are an ESSENTIAL because Marxists are exposed to a growing base of--Wait just a minute here, WTF is going on in, not only DC, but inside every corner of State and Local ".gov". This is not some arbitrary fly by night fun with Politics; the Elected Democrats ( w/ RINO) Marxist Ideology has triumphed to a sleeping Giant of Individual Freedom..asleep, we have NO protection; they know it. They also know that Individual Freedom is stirring, so much, that desperation is mitigating a mistake before Nov, but I am very nervous about the leverage these guys have procured. If they loose, they may disappear for 100 years, and prevailing will mean the END of this Republic. Beyond caring about an American SS kicking in my door for an IDEA--an IDEAL-- of and for Liberty; I don't care anymore. They will come anyway should things continue to spin awry, so, here I am with a prevailing IDEA to take Liberty to the Ideological Hospital. I can keep silent no longer. Where I can help, I will. Where I can start, I do now. Time will tell; motivation is essential..Fear not friend, we are now, all, walking in the thread of night.