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Announcing the Tea Party Budget Coalition!

Tea Party Debt Commission

Calling all local Tea Party groups!

Help us stop rampant Washington spending!

Join the Tea Party Budget Coalition!

Groups are urged to sign up by 8:00 p.m. eastern time, Friday, December 9th.

The Problem

When it comes to spending reductions and stopping the debt, Washington can only kick the can down the road. Whether it’s President Obama’s "fiscal commission" or the congressional “Super Committee” –- typical "bipartisan," "insider" efforts –  it’s clear Washington can't get this job done without outside help. 

The Solution

America faces a Greece-style debt crisis in the next few years. We are convinced Washington won’t get serious about stopping the debt until Tea Party activists take over this process. We need to take charge because Congress keeps failing to do its job. The 12-member Tea Party Debt Commission was formed in late June of this year to provide Congress with a serious, credible plan that cuts government spending by at least $9 trillion and balances the budget within 10 years. The result of the Commission’s work is the Tea Party Budget.  This plan gives the Tea Party a voice in Washington by providing a unique and serious plan constructed from the grassroots up. This budget reflects suggestions and input from more than 50,000 Americans. The Commission held field hearings, and took testimony to gather ideas from local activists, in communities across the country. Grassroots activists were also able to vote online at for which budget-cutting ideas they would prioritize.

On Thursday, November 17th, more than 200 Tea Party leaders brought the Tea Party Budget to a joint meeting on Capitol Hill. Members that attended the meeting include: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), Rep. Paul Broun, M.D. (R-GA), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), and Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC).

The mainstream media claims the Tea Party movement wants "draconian" cuts yet lacks a reasonable plan.  The new "Tea Party Budget" plan offers a full-fledged rebuke to that assertion. As you’ll see when you read it, it’s detailed, serious, optimistic, practical, and bold. The plan:

  • Cuts, caps, and balances spending
  • Balances the federal budget without tax hikes
  • Reduces federal spending by $9.7 trillion over the coming decade
  • Eliminates 4 Departments (Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD)
  • Privatizes and downsizes dozens of departments, agencies, and programs
  • Reduces federal outlays from their current level of 24 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), the highest since World War II, to a more realistic 16 percent
  • Gives individuals more ownership, choice, and control of their retirement through optional Social Security accounts 
  • Lets seniors enroll in the Congressional health care plan.
  • Moves us boldly back toward the Founders' vision of limited, constitutional government

Next Step: Build Support

Our goal now is to gain the support of as many tea parties across the country as possible, in hopes of getting the Tea Party Budget introduced and voted on in Congress

Take Action!

Please join us!  If you’d like your local group to become a part of this coalition effort, please e-mail me at

Dozens of groups have already enlisted in the Coalition. We plan to publish a complete list in mid-December.

If you want your group to be on this list, please let us know by 8:00 p.m. eastern time, on Friday, December 9th.

Celia Bigelow
Research Intern
@Cbigs12 on Twitter

400 N. Capitol Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

P.S. Follow our progress by joining the Tea Party Budget Coalition group at

P.P.S. If you have any questions about the Tea Party Budget, or the Coalition, please feel free to contact me at (202-942-7601) or FreedomWorks’ in-house budget expert, Dean Clancy, at (202-942-7667). 

(Remember, the deadline is Friday, December 9th.)

Dianne Cox

Let's not fall for the same establishment tricks. Ron Paul is truth. :)

Jay Devereaux

Welcome to the party. Unite In Action started doing this wayyyyyyyyyyyy back in March of this year.

James Buchanan

I am far more interested in smart change than "change for the sake of change" which the current president has offered. I am strongly concerned with STRUCTURALLY reforming the welfare system. This is one aspect of the federal budget that has tremendous impact on everything else. Nipping around the edges of the current system is a waste of time.

The current system is what I call a "single parent subsidy". Most of the safety net programs are designed for "maximum pay out" when a mother takes the child/ren and raises them in a single parent environment. It is an adversarial system that encourages conflict between the parents since they must often separate in order to qualify for government help. "Child support" places Damocles sword over any relationship with children because it offers a reward to whichever parent takes the child/ren away from the other parent, and a punishment to the parent that does not act first to take the child/ren away from the other. Let me puke over this a while......

As a whole, children of single parents consume more in government services than they pay in taxes, while children raised by two biological parents pay more in taxes than they consume in government services.

Children of single parents vs. children of two biological parents

4 X likely to drop out before graduating high school
5 X more likely to become addicted to illicit drugs
8 X more likely to spend time in prison

Government is rewarding people who raise children in an environment which makes them a time bomb of additional government expenditures in the future.


Imagine what would happen to state budgets if 1/2 of their prison population were gainfully employed.... even at minimum wage. Welfare is far cheaper than imprisonment.
Imagine what would happen to federal revenues over time if the welfare system were restructured to incentivize the two biological parent ideal, and the population of the U.S. became more emotionally stable and better educated.
Imagine a welfare system that encouraged parents to cooperate with one another in order to obtain government benefits. It is a radical departure from the present.


The one thing I disagree with is the EPA needs to be eliminated. It is stealing private property, removing the rights of farmers and ranchers, moving to remove hydro-electric dams here in CA. It will reduce the water for the residents in Siskiyou County, CA and S. OR by 80%. The EPA is NOT "WE The People's" friend. It must be dismantled.


I have mixed feelings about the EPA. Mostly these feelings come from the misguided belief that we, human beings, must set aside our well being for a spotted owl is ridiculous. If someone believe that this animal is endangered then create a purchase from the private sector or public sector an area that is suitable for establishing an appropriate habitat for such an animal and make it a preserve. then the needs of the individual are met and the security of the endangered animal is met. In the south valley of California, farmers were prevented from planting and growing crops on thousands of acres because of the endangered kangaroo rat. Hello it is a RAT, A rodent, Grow it in a zoo if you need it. When government gets into control of an organization common sense and reality go right out the window.

Don Lloyd

The “Tea Party Budget Coalition” is a good idea but it requires congress to get involved in it, for it to have any traction.

What we need is a grass roots movement for tax reform that is supported from the ground up. Tax reform that that will overwhelm the congress to a point that they either have to adopt it or risk defeat at the ballot box.

My “787 Flat Tax” will do just that and it does not have a “National Sales Tax” component like Herman Cain’s “999 Flat Tax”.

787 Flat Tax has three components:
1. A 7% tax on the first $150K that pays for Social Security or allows individuals to invest in a special individual “Tax Eliminating Retirement Account”. Everyone would pay into Social Security or their personal retirement account. For people making less that $150 K this would be the only federal tax on income that they would pay. Note: Employers would also match 7% into Social Security.
2. An 8% tax on AGI over $150K.
3. A 7% Net Business Tax.

These special “Tax Eliminating Retirement Accounts” would pay interest only retirement payments. The principal and capital gains invested for 45 years is never spent and is left in the account until the death. After the death of both husband and wife the balance in both accounts is paid the State using a revocable trust. The State then pays the Federal Government for items authorized by the Constitution.

For more information please visit

James Buchanan

Depending upon the estimates I have seen, U.S. products are 15 - 18% more expensive because of the embedded taxes.

James Buchanan

I disagree on the point of N.A.F.T.A. and G.A.T.T. allowing U.S. manufacturing to leave. I see the manufacturing exodous coming from the tax structure of the U.S. which embeds taxes in the price of U.S. goods and services. This raises the "profitable price" of our exports by the cost of the tax and tax compliance costs. Most industrialized nations use a V.A.T. tax structure so they can accurately keep track of the tax on each and every item, and rebate the tax on all exports. Think about it...... other nations rebate the taxes (making them cheaper) on their goods before they are shipped to the U.S. And in the U.S. taxes are embedded (making them more expensive) in the price of goods. U.S. tax policy gives preferential treatment to imports. This disparity in tax systems is effectively a U.S. trade embargo against the U.S.


It doesn't really matter what tax system is in place the control of increasing or decreasing the tax rate MUST be and remain with the people not a legislative body. The people can vote and say let us replace the graduated tax system with a flat tax but the legislature has control from this day forward over the rate of such a tax. This must remain under the control of the people.

As to your NoTaxUntilDeath approach. Either I have no assets upon death or forget about leaving a legacy to my heirs. This country was established that Government of the USA should run on Import and Export Duties and Tarrifs. At which they did just fine until it was discovered that they, the legislature, could vote themselves benefits under the guise of benefiting their constitutions with some government hand out. Then they had to acquire funds from some other source.
Now with the NAFTA and GAT treaties this allowed manufacturing to leave our soil and ship back their goods without being taxed. Then in the more recent years Tariffs and Duties were eliminated in order to bring the US in a world economy. Now China holds 48% of our assets as collateral to the Billions of dollars borrowed by the US.


I agree with 99% of the Tea Party reforms to cut the budget.The only thing that worries me is social security.I have paid into social security since I was 13 yrs old,Yes I said 13 I joined the workforce at a early age.Eventually I became a Tactical Sergeant for the state of Texas.I almost had my 20 yrs served when I was severally wounded in the line of duty.Now SSDI is the only real way to keep the lights on and food in my home.A exception or choice should be available for those of us that need what we have paid into all of our lives.If it was not for medicare that came with my SSDI I would have been dead a long time ago.Between drug field raids and stopping riots in Texas most violent prisons I have seen more combat and been wounded more than most who spend their entire lives in the military.Over the last 13 yrs I have had 40+ spinal surgeries,the joints in my shoulders and legs repaired or replaced,
and as a parting gift from the state I was left with inactive TB which could go active at anytime.


You and I do not have to worry about losing social security, It is the next generation. IF we could bet Congress to return Social security to its original status as a Trust Fund with management separate from congress. This program would be fine, actually I believe fees would actually go down and services go up. In the 60's congress seen how profitably managed the SSI program had become at just 2%, that they brought it into the general fund under the legislature's control. At first they borrowed money against the fund then they began borrowing from the fund directly. It is presumed that if congress repaid all of the outstanding loans back to SSI the program would be solvent for many years to come.

Tony Hebert

I am of the Oklhoma tea party and am looking for just such leadership as you have outlined here, so I would love for my group to be apart of this coalition. I'm not sure how you'll get it done, but I'll do anything I can, so let's do it! It is a positive action we can all get behind and get on record and campaign for. So, sign me up, I'm all in.

teda's picture
Ted Abram

This is very – very – important. Congress and the President will not act without pressure from We the People.

Many Presidents and hundreds of Members of Congress – Democrats and Republicans - have been terrible and immoral stewards of America’s budget. For example, presently the Senate has not passed a budget in two years. No other institution could survive without a budget. Only the monopoly power of government can still exist.

Of course, the President and Congress attempted a piddling reduction by creating a Super Committee. Thankfully that meaningless ploy failed.

Only, concerned Americas united strongly behind the Tea Party Budget can force necessary reform. Again, this is very important. Join today.


Unfortunately supporting a political parties candidacy is the only action that makes any sense. It was proven with Ross Perot that it just secures the Democratic election. In reality it doesn't make a lot of difference who is elected the "go along to get along" approach to legislature is the main problem. The law that took away the legislature's accountability is the culprit. There was a time not tooo long ago that when an elected official made a campaign promise then went against that promise he could be sued and removed from office. Under current protections, the candidate can promise to give everyone in the US a $5,000 check when elected. Does he truly have to when elected? No he doesn't. If that is what they would have done with the 800billion bale-out, give each lawful citizen $5,000, what would they have done with it. I am sure they would not have purchased a $50million dollar jet, or 2 million dollar retreat for their head of household, nor a 40 million dollar bonus for putting their finances in jeopardy. They would have paid their mortgage, car payment, electric bill, bought a car, purchased a house, sent their child to collage. That would have been a true Stimulus package.

Donie middleton

I concur with Thelma and Lon - I will enthusiastically support the Republican candidate, whoever it is. They all hold to the basic conservative principals we espouse. My one concern is Ron Paul's statement that Iran having nuclear weapons is not a problem to him. This strikes me as very naive, and dangerous.

My feeling is that we have to stand united in defeating Obama, and my greatest fear is that someone will decide that he can't win the Republican nomination, and go off on a third party campaign that would ensure a second term for Obama.

I would never say that I wouldn't vote for a certain Republican, but I will say that I will never, never vote for a third party candidate.

The Tea Party Budget sounds great - count me in.

Thelma Hendrix

I am 100% behind a Tea Party Budget. Im all for less goverment and lower taxes and cuting there salarys in the WH.I am for the best one left standing other than Obama. We need people at the poles to so no one is pushing Obama .

Lon Caffee

You are falling for the same old trap, some members are for Gingrich, some Romney and Some Cain but the Tea Party does not support anyone. It is for less government and lower taxes. The left (and right) tries to pin a lot of labels on the Tea Party. Support the best person who will work towards those goals, not that any we have at the moment is is a work in progress. TEA

Darlene Harder

I am 100% behind a Tea Party Budget; however I am concerned about the Tea Partys' apparent support of Gingrich and Cain in Iowa. This will probably assure a
Romney nomination. I find that a terrifying thought. Can anyone give me some ideas about this? I don't think I can vote for Romney and I question both the wisdom of a Gingrich or Cain ticket. Rick Perry is doing just fine now. To me he seems the only answer. Can someone explain to me what the Tea Party has in mind if they are in fact supporting Gingrich and/or Cain?.