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Press Release

Another Tax Hike for Wisconsin?


From the “no surprises there” file comes State Representative Terese Berceau’s plan to raise Wisconsin’s beer tax.  News like this just goes to show that once you start down the slippery slope of taxes and fees instead of pro-growth policies, there’s no stopping.  Take Action and tell your leaders you oppose this tax hike scheme.

FreedomWorks members from the Dairy State know that we’ve been actively opposing a cigarette tax hike and other fees that have been on the legislative table.  In an email last month, FreedomWorks explained how that cigarette tax, which would make just the state taxes alone more than $2.52 per pack, wouldn’t begin to fill the budget holes.  And that in fact, if high taxes were the path to prosperity then Wisconsin should be doing great!

It’s clear that some in Madison haven’t gotten the message and are now piling on even more tax hikes. The latest plan is a beer tax that would raise the cost of a six-pack by 50 cents.  That might not seem like a lot from a big desk in the capitol, but these days every penny counts. 

The beer tax is a perfect example of why FreedomWorks fights to oppose all tax hikes, even ones that you might think won’t affect you.  That’s because without cutting spending and adjusting the state’s bottom line the money will never be enough.

First, people will go across state lines, to the black market, the internet, and Indian Reservations to avoid the hefty tax.  Second, others will simply go without -  just because Wisconsin can’t stick to a budget doesn’t mean families don’t have to.  And soon small businesses, the glue of our economy, as well as those working in the hospitality industry like servers and bartenders, will begin to feel the pain the most as business dwindles.  Then before long, when the money doesn’t come rolling in, elected officials will start nosing around for the next thing to tax.

It’s clear that tax hikes are something we should all oppose and we all need to vigilantly watch out for.  You may not smoke.  You may not drink beer.  Still, one way or another, everyone will have to pay for the tax and spend decisions that are made at the state capital.  Let’s try to stop these tax hikes once and for all. Please take action and tell your lawmakers you oppose this plan.  Wisconsin needs to stop spending and roll back the regulations that stand in the way of real growth.