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The Anti-Common Core Movement Gains a New Ally

 This week, the GOP Executive Committee in South Carolina unanimously voted to reject Common Core standards. The resolution, which can be viewed here, is a huge step forward in the fight against Common Core. 

Contention between Common Core advocates and anti-Common Core activists has reached a boiling point in recent months as several states have considered pausing on the implementation of the standards. Kentucky and New York both saw a significant drop in test scores since the standards were brought into the classroom. Such poor performance has led many states to reconsider the standards and the tests that accompany Common Core. 

Proponents of Common Core would have the public believe that dissenters are limited to a few angry, “white suburban mothers”, a claim that will be harder to make as opposition to the standards grow. Resolutions, like the one in South Carolina, are proof that anti-Common Core sentiment is not going anywhere. As grassroots efforts grow, we are also seeing local governments have no choice but to take a closer look at the standards and what they are seeing is not instilling a great deal of confidence.  

It is precisely because of grassroots activism that we are seeing local governments take a stand against the Common Core standards. It is easy to dismiss a few angry parents as being on the “fringe” of an issue, but as we are rapidly multiplying our numbers, we have become impossible to ignore.  The actions of the GOP in South Carolina are proof that we are beginning to change the hearts and minds across the country, community by community. Isn’t that what all of us are fighting for to begin with? Education decision should be made on the local level and not by special interests groups and federal bureaucrats.

In addition to the South Carolina GOP, Louisiana has also decided to delay the implementation of the standards for two years because of the dedication and perseverance of local parents and activist on the ground.  

As we continue our fight against Common Core in the New Year, let us look back on our 2013 efforts as a success. Our base has grown drastically and we are finally able to work with local legislatures to stop Common Core to help return to an education system that is dictated by local control and parental choice.

Edwin Loftus

The incremental take-over of education through government authority was the Trojan Horse by which Progressivism first destroyed the American System of Divided Government, first with city and county school systems, then state school systems, and now they are pushing toward a national school system.

The idea that the same people that control government, at any level, should control or even just be influential in education is an assault against Liberty, giving those with the greatest power over us the means to train us to accept their power as "normal" and "inevitable".