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Are Republicans Serious About Reducing the Size of the Federal Spending Monster?

Maybe, maybe not.

U.S. House of Representatives Republicans will unveil a 10-year budget blueprint in the next few weeks that will champion fiscal austerity, a theme party leaders hope will energize conservative voters ahead of the November congressional elections.

But crafting a budget that can bring together fractious Republicans could be a challenge for the document's lead author, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. He will need to bridge divisions within the party over defense spending and wrestle with a separate dilemma over the funding of popular social welfare programs.

And making his budget balance in 10 years - a non-negotiable goal for many in the party - is made far more difficult by weaker economic growth forecasts from the Congressional Budget Office that have reduced projected revenue by $1.4 trillion over the next decade.

As it is an election year, the GOP has to at least feign interest in being the party of smaller government in an effort to woo fiscal conservatives. Many in the upper echelons are blissfully unaware that fiscal cons tuned out a long time ago. They won't tune back in for a dog and pony show, they want some adults in the room to actually curb spending.

The differing opinions this article defines as problems for "fractious Republicans" are really problems for the nation as a whole. We simply cannot continue on a "tax more as we need it" path. The media simply needs to pretend that every discussion among Republicans is one that will rip the party asunder for all time. It's what they do.

One big stumbling block the GOP continually faces when trying to craft meaningful budgets is deliberate misrepresentation of what they are doing by the Democrats and the media.

Since the early '90s, Democrats have referred to any reduction in a rate of increase for a social program as a "cut". Their media monkeys then dutifully begin doing the same and, in no time at all, a minuscule reduction in increase becomes, "OMG-THE GOP IS GOING TO STARVE GRANDMA!" (It's always about starving grandma, even if there isn't a grandma within a hundred miles.) For over twenty years the Republicans seem to have had difficulty finding elected officials or candidates who can say, "You're lying."

The Democrat media complex will undoubtedly cast any serious Republican attempts to rein in spending as "draconian". (I would be willing to purchase a thesaurus with my own money just so they could learn a different word to use when hyperventilating over the prospect of fewer taxpayer funded "freebies".) Perhaps the GOP could counter with the fact that current spending habits will be "inevitably apocalyptic" for the American economy.

The Democrats actually believe that "The Rich" will provide an endless revenue stream for every social program fancy that crosses their progressive minds. Contrary to the narrative, they are the party that has been hijacked by its fringe. And its fringe on the other end of the planet relative to average Americans. The supposed fringe in the GOP is made up of Tea Party conservatives who are fighting for meaningful fiscal reform. It matters not whether the media deems the reforms necessary. Reality does and that should be all motivation needed.

kapt.blasto's picture

Unless you're willing to let Bondholders trade in their Federal bonds, for Treasury Certificates, deposited through the Federal Reserve as a Proxy Depositor for them, with every Bank, Lending House, and Credit Card Company's lending depository, where, these Bondholders can make more money TAX-FREE with the Banking System, through working cooperatively with Government, then.....

1) You're never going to get rid of the Debt, and you're always going to watch it go higher and higher....

2) you're always going to have Reps and Dems keep battling it out over, whether Tax-Hikes or Spend-Cuts will tame the big bad National Debt Beastie...and neither approach works.

3)( where you're concerned: to put it simply: It's easier to squish the roaches, because Hey! They're roaches, it's easier to clean off the "gick!" when you squish them.....but it gets more "distastefully icky" contemplating squishing the bigger bugs like Spiders and on up especially when they grow hair, and look more exotically dangerous...)
And the more deeper explanation of this reasoning: You're always going to be driven, both politically and psychologically, to go after SOMETHING ELSE that you think you see, to "tighten the fiscal belt" because in your mind and a whole lot of others; to chase down and jail up the "welfare cheats that get away with it" seems the "right" thing to do...because those little "beasties" are "easier" to go after rather than the Big Bad Government beastie. And that Debt's going to continue to rise....

4) You're always going to make more plausible-sounding excuses, for whatever political "face" or "heel" of your persuasion, as to why that debt didn't get reduced...and the more convoluted Your explanations get takes That much more work, and that much more "counter-programming" and that much more time wasted spilling ink (or in this case, pixels making text) to "counter-program" you from the excuses you keep putting up....which you in turn, deny, deflect, and defend yourself against........and still that debt is going to keep rising....

Honestly, you're looking for a Earthly Jesus Figure, who came up from the hard-scrabble low-level ranks of the Republican Party, who cut his teeth shaking a bible at women to "tow the line or go to hell" whenever they just happen to be walking past a family planning-clinic, just to get to work down the street.... raising up the levels, through to the family-meeting circuits, and on to the local levels, then the state and the Federal Levels, to tell you the magic answer as to how to get rid of the Humongous-and-ever-growing National answer that you already came up with and you just want a FACE you can hold up and say "MY hero!" launch into the white house, to Lord over you as "benevolent King!"

Sorry, Answers you demand having for your use now, will not come from the politicial gauntlets you lay down to excoriate yourselves with, to get that answer.

They come the OUTSIDE of your game. They come from janitors....and box-hustlers...and maids...and maybe Bus or Taxi Drivers...

or even novice computer programmers.

More importantly...they come from people who are willing to dig down and rip away all the "assumptions" and the "BS" and look at the BASE PROBLEMS or "systemic pain points" that system designs you have developed to serve you, give, and make you suffer with.

And that Base Problem you have with your national Debt, is.....

1) You can't HAVE a honest Balanced budget in the way you think it ought to be approached, and expect to satisfy that always-engendered demand for "safety from uncertainty" in the form of US BONDS to sell to the World Public at large.....

2) Assume for the minute you're a SMART Muni Bond holder...where the tell-tale sign that you're a smart Muni-Bond holder is: You don't buy up your OWN CITY'S DEBT buy up a FAR OFF TOWN'S Debt-issuances, because they can't Tax YOU to pay you back Tax-Free.
And you want me to buy a Long-or-short term FEDERAL BOND...from you, or your guys in office, or that bond from a "reputable bank" or acquire it through buying a share of a mutual fund?!

Pardon my hairy third leg, for making it rain yellow wet sunshine on you!

Here is the way to unlock the secret to retiring the National Debt.


The terms inside the "Grace Loan" has Government doing ALL THE WORK FOR YOU...and YOU, just sit back and let the BANKS pay you MORE INTEREST TAX-FREE through the Banking system,

rather than continue suffering the whole "being taxed at every turn sharing the sacrifice" so that Government can keep "paying down the Debt" to you, that you continue trying to avoid the sacrifice with, by (in the end) buying up more Federal Bonds (or revolving the old ones for NEW)....just to keep your increasing yield levels to give you that same purchasing power as time goes on...because of the hidden round-robin way the taxes that must be laid upon you, will depreciate your purchasing strength of each dollar you get...which you turkeys continue using every single OTHER WAY to explain why to yourselves...when the answer's been standing right in front of you, all this time....but you STILL refuse to SEE IT, for all the OTHER "eye candy" that grabs your attention....

If you don't want ME to tell it to you, because my words here make you all smirkily butt-hurt...then you point me in the direction of the "face" or "heel" whose mouth that you want the "sooth-saying" version of the words I'm telling you now, to come from....and I'll find the money, somehow, to pay him or her, to tell it to you, so that you'll have that "space cadet glow" or that "tingle up your leg" so you can "feel" better in the championing of the idea that I just put forth to you on how to Retire the National Debt, without breaking a sweat...if that's what you want.....

But I would think that you're more grownup enough to deal with taking the answer THIS WAY.

Because if I don't tell you how....who will?

kapt.blasto's picture

Now, Stephen, I have read your piece, about how the Dems are taking a reduction of increase and playing it as a "cut" and I know that you don't like that. problem being is, it's the same old trope I've heard before, from so many other places....

See as long as they get you interested in writing about the Ugly side of the GAME that THEY want you to see...then you're never going to see the EVEN BIGGER GAME we're all playing on ourselves.

National Debt has been the lynch-pin for most of this brou-ha-ha, ever since Alexander Hamilton decided that it was better to BORROW from a Central Bank that Government Installed....than it was for Government to TAX SOMETHING, because no one LIKES TAXES.....

Problem being was, and is now....that Alexander Hamilton had the right idea in creating ANOTHER ENTITY to stand apart from Government that Government could interact with to create money to be distributed into the economy....

He just picked the WRONG ENTITY of the Two, to play the Permanent Debtor to the Other, to get it done.

See....all this time, we could have done something Different.

We could have had the BANK Borrow from The Government....instead of the other way around.

(more to come later)