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Press Release

Arkansas Action Alert


An important vote is coming up in the U.S. Senate that could help shape the climate change debate.
 Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has introduced a resolution of disapproval to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency’s “endangerment” finding, which allows the EPA to treat carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant and therefore regulate it under the Clean Air Act. This is the Obama Administration’s way of setting the stage for cap and trade.
 But if we can build support for the Murkowski Resolution in the Senate it will send a clear message that the EPA’s power play to massively increase regulation and drive up costs for consumers and small businesses, while paving the way for cap and trade will not stand.
 Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln (D) has joined 38 other Senators who have all come forward to sign the Murkowski Resolution. Now we need to pressure fellow Senator Mark Pryor (D) to do likewise.
 Click Here to Call Senator Pryor’s Office Now!

 Tell Senator Pryor’s office that his support of the Murkowski Resolution against EPA’s attempts to regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act is critical. With our economy in a slump and continuing unemployment, America cannot afford the added costs of increased regulation – especially if it leads to a system of cap and trade that would cost jobs and enact new energy taxes.
 It is estimated that in Arkansas alone, a cap and trade regime would mean over 17,000 jobs lost, gasoline prices would increase 20%, and electricity prices would increase 54%.
 Call Senator Pryor today and forward this article to five other friends and encourage them to do likewise. With your help, we can build momentum on behalf of sound energy policy and win the climate change debate once and for all.