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Capitol Comment

Bizarre Scene As Dumbfounded Freedom Fighters Watch Olympic Opening Ceremonies Pay Tribute to NHS

A bizarre scene unfolded on the day after FreePAC in the lounge of the W Hotel in Dallas Texas. Several FreedomWorks activists were relaxing before dinner, including activists from Indiana and Ohio, myself, Kristina Ribali and Dean Clancy, Vice President of Healthcare Policy at FreedomWorks. It was about 7pm, and we were sharing stories and socializing.

Electricity in the lounge increased as we realized that there was a Mary Kay convention in town, and the bar began to fill up with sales ladies, and the volume slowly began to rise. We didn't really take much notice.

But as we continued to chat, a truly odd thing happened. At one point I looked up and noticed that the Olympic Opening Ceremonies were on the tv at the bar. The sound was off, but we were able to watch the random images of various acrobats jumping around the screen and lighting effects that might cause seizures in sensitive individuals.

And then this happened:

That's right, a tribute to socialized medicine with bouncing children, giant beds, prancing nurses and a big fat sign that "reaffirms the greatness of the NHS".

As Adam Baldwin remarked, and we missed because we couldn't hear the audio, the use of music from The Exorcist and Voldemort (yes, really) could not have been more perfectly ironic.  Kristina remarked on twitter:


I looked at Dean Clancy. Dean looked at me. We looked around the table. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. A crew of activists for freedom and limited government, fresh off the FreePAC event, in a bar surrounded by Mary Kay consultants in evening wear, watching the London Olympics give a global salute to socialized medicine.

The scene was something that might have sprung from the mind of Ayn Rand. In fact if I search her writings, I'm certain I could find it somewhere. 

Randi Kainz

I highly recommend all viewers of this display take a tour of the latest exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.: "State of Deception - The Power of Nazi Propaganda." It was as if I were taking a walk through the year 2012. How soon Europe forgets their own history. The parallels are astounding. Themes of "social justice" and "spreading the wealth around" were rampant throughout. Those who support NHS propaganda and glamourization are supporting a repeat of the past, and should really take time to re-examine what they are being mesmerized by.

Randi Kainz

And did you see the first lady, Michelle Obama cheering it on from her perch? No, of course not...the media know how to play their PR game.