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Can You Solve These Common Core Math Problems?

A few months ago, comedian Louis C.K. tweeted his frustrations about Common Core while attempting to help his kids with their math homework.


He gained a lot of praise for his remarks (and some criticism) for his remarks. People from across the political spectrum have concerns about the new educational standards. Here at FreedomWorks, we often hear from parents who are fed up with the math homework that their children are bringing home.

To give everyone an idea, here are some examples of Common Core math problems.

Can you solve them?






To be sure, these math questions are needlessly complicated. It’s no wonder that Common Core math problems are making kids cry. I certainly don’t blame them.

However, the root problem is the federal government intervening in local schools. Local schools and teachers better know how to design educational standards than federal bureaucrats.

One-size-fits-all educational standards do not work. They limit teachers flexibility in the classroom and hurt students with unique learning needs. Most Americans now oppose the standards and think they are a step backwards for education.

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jeff koch

we supposedly have. one of the worst educations Per capita world wide...well, we certainly do now. I guess all the corporations loving all that data-mining are recruiting everywhere....but, in The Union of Socialist States