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Press Release

Card Check Update: New "Compromise" Emerges

As you know, the Union power-grab for Card Check is on in the form of the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” (EFCA).  If passed, this legislation would take away the American workers’ right to a secret ballot election and vastly expand the size and power of labor unions, making them the single most powerful political force in the nation.

This week, Card Check supporters have schemed together on a compromise strategy they believe can win over enough moderates in Congress and ultimately get Card Check over the finish line.  Unfortunately, some big companies that were against Card Check from the beginning for all the right reasons, are now buying into this compromise nonsense and are pushing the compromise bill.  We need to stop this compromise bait and switch dead in its tracks. TAKE ACTION!
Card Check not only robs millions of workers of the distinctly American right to a private ballot in workplace elections, it also opens the process to widespread corruption and worker intimidation.  Because under Card Check all Union bosses have to do is get 50% plus 1 of workers at a facility to check and sign a card in order to form a Union, you can imagine some of the “inventive” ways they would have to coerce and otherwise force workers to sign. Union thugs could go to workers’ houses, prominently post lists of those who had not checked their cards, and even physically threaten workers and their families.  In addition, by strengthening the stranglehold of Union power on American industry, Card Check will threaten more businesses with unreasonable Union contracts that will ultimately force them to close their doors and put more Americans out of work.

These things are at the core of Card Check.  What is there to compromise about?  Nothing.

Its time to stand firm against EFCA and any so-called “compromise” attempts to enact Card Check.  Contact your Representative and Senators today and deliver this important message.  Fight back against the Union political machine on behalf of freedom in the American workplace.