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Champions of Freedom Rout Competition in Florida

FreedomWorks PAC’s Champion of Freedom, Marco Rubio trounced his Republican Florida Senate primary opposition garnering 85 percent of the vote. Rubio will now face Democrat Kendrick Meek and former Republican Charlie Crist, who chose to run as an independent after polls showed his weak appeal against Rubio. 

A new Public Policy Polling release shows Rubio leading Crist and Meek, 40-32-17% respectively, revealing once more that the best candidate for Florida and America’s future is Marco Rubio.

“Are we prepared to go down in history as the next generation of Americans who did what we had to do to ensure that this exceptional place remained that way?” said Rubio in his victory remarks. “Or will we go down as the first Americans ever to leave our children worse off?

Also in Florida, FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom Col. Allen West won the Florida Congressional District 22 Republican primary with a stunning 76 percent of the vote. Col. West defeated David Brady, who pandered to Democrats on everything from regulatory policy to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

"This evening, after nearly 2 years of hard work, our campaign to restore honor, integrity and character to Washington reached an important milestone.” said Col. West in the Sun-Sentinel. “With GOP turnout significantly higher than Democratic turnout throughout District 22, our victory tonight is proof that South Floridians are sick and tired of the status-quo in Washington, and are looking for leaders instead of politicians."

Col. West, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, had a long and decorated military career spanning from Operation Desert Storm to present operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time, Col. West earned a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals and three Army Commendation Medals.

As a true fiscal conservative, Col. West vows to restore the independence of Social Security and reduce the tax burdens faced by all Americans.

“The 2010 mid-term elections come down to two diametrically opposing philosophies: public sector raising taxes, printing and borrowing more money or private sector investment, ingenuity, and innovation,” said Col. West.

West now faces Democratic incumbent Ron Klein in the general election on November 2. Rep. Klein voted in favor of the bank bailouts, Obamacare and remains what many pundits consider a vulnerable incumbent in this election cycle.