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Chinese-American Mom on 'Communist Core'

Lily Tang Williams, a mother of three, recalls growing up in Communist China, and explains why Common Core reminds her so much of the oppressive/statist nature of her education growing up.

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As a kindergarten through 8th grade teacher I would agree with Mrs. Williams that lots of people don’t know what the Common Core is. Unfortunately, I would see her as one of the people who has believed much misinformation about these standards.

She states that there is a file for every student and this file goes to the employer. I would ask her where this is happening. No one has been able to give me a location where this is happening. Politifact states, “Our research found that Common Core does not include a data collection component.” states, “Implementing the Common Core State Standards does not require data collection.” My state’s Education Department told me they are not collecting personal data on students – only educational information which will be used without being connected to student names.” Most states say something similar to New Hampshire, “In New Hampshire, there is no additional data collected as part of Smarter Balance or Common Core.” FreedomWorks had “fingerprints” and “retina scan” scrolling as she talked. This is deceitful. I do not believe they would be able to give one state which is doing this in connection with Common Core.

The screen showed “Sacrifices: -individuality, -creativity,- in favor of mindless conformity” I would like to know what FreedomWorks would give as an example of this. Actually the opposite is true. Students are asked to do a lot of thinking in these standards. Look at the standards that start “Compare and contrast,” “Analyze,” “Evaluate,” etc.

She talks about the standards as nationalized standards by the federal government. These standards were written because governors saw their students as needing too much remedial help before they went on to college or the workplace. ACHIEVE who worked on the standards told me that NO federal money was used in the writing of the standards.

Who does she think is similar to the minister in charge of the whole country’s education in China? Many of the decisions for the teaching of these standards are made locally.

Encouraging parents to opt their children out of the test sounds to me to be a foolish idea. Tests give teachers and school officials a lot of information on how students are progressing and what needs to be retaught. If your child does not take a test, his or her teacher may not know what concepts your child has mastered and where his/her weaknesses are.

I have pointed out to various FreedomWorks employees that they are presenting misinformation. However, they continue to present this misinformation usually along with a request for donations.