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Clearing up Net Neutrality

FreedomWorks responds to President Obama and FCC Chair Tom Wheeler creating stricter rules on Net Neutrality.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Let's put aside the tea party for a minute. I for one was not providing an alternative to net neutrality because all that the legislation is about is in ensuring that access to the internet is unfettered and fairly available. Would it be fair if one company whom used water was to be cut off their supply over another company engaged in the same sort of business? Let's say two water parks for instance. Explain to me how that is fair. That is all this is about.

But let me get something else extremely clear: This is yet another example of how big money has worked its way into our political system, has created artificial divides and gets people to not actually look at the legislation and instead blame the "other" side and make up their minds purely on whatever party they feel is "their" party of choice. That's how it works. So all I ask for anyone who has anything to ay about any political issue is instead of making it all about a liberal versus conservative argument is to instead ask yourselves who benefits financially from that outcome. Follow the money trail. Find out where that money goes, who it pays and who profits. Do so and you'll find the real reason why a great deal of the legislation circulating through the system is as it is- to make money and probably not at our benefit. That is all.

dprato's picture

Actually after reading all three responses I have seen nothing specifically offered that would refute the information in the video. What specifically does cgsmith99 and stone stone offer as a rebuttal to the video? I haven't see anything substantial or an alternative offered. What is presented makes sense. Please advise me as to what I am missing other than you bashing tea party people.

cgsmith99's picture

This is ridiculously, blatantly untrue, GOP horse hooey. If this silly video causes anyone to believe that Net Neutrality is a bad thing it will only further show that many, many American Citizens simply should not breed.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Let's get some facts straight. ( Like the tea party actually cares about them) But first and foremost, this whole thing is all about major cable providers finding themselves quickly outdated via the rapid rise in streaming video and TV. As a result this is a threat to their business. As an example, I ditched cable 2 years ago. I went from paying almost $90 for basic cable, of which most of the channels were not worth watching to paying $8 a month to watch anything I want at any time. It doesn't take a genius to see whats going on here. Instead of coming up with their own technologies to counter this major disruptor they instead decided to pay a few GOP politicians to make up a bunch of hooey and somehow claim that net neutrality is all against "Freedom" or whatever. That's right- follow the money trail.

Stop letting big corporations and paid politicians do the thinking for you, think with your wallets, and get a fair shake

cgsmith99's picture

Well said. I hope others will think for themselves.