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Common Core Coming for Little Girls

A lot of people around the country are concerned with Common Core for a variety of reasons. Americans are standing up and fighting back against this huge government intrusion. However, it turns out that schools aren’t the only people lining up to indoctrinate your kids into common core. Your little girls are getting common core in places you might not expect: in their toys and extra-curricular activities. 

When I was a little girl, American Girl dolls were a way to make history come alive. I always liked the colonial girl Felicity and read all of her books over and over again (I didn’t have the doll), loving every detail of her eighteenth century American life. Yes, I was a history nerd from a young age, and the American Girl line was perfect to keep me engaged and interested. Those of my vintage will probably remember Felicity along with  girls from other historical periods. Today’s American Girl dolls and accessories are very different. 

The American Girl doll accessory pack promises everything your doll would need to go to a school aligned with Common Core. That’s right, the text book in this set is a Common Core-aligned math book from texbook printing giant Pearson. So, every time you buy this product, you’ll be financially supporting Common Core. I can see that maybe they simply want the doll’s curriculum to be the same as a real little girl’s, but this seems like a bad move considering the common core backlash-a backlash which is now  extending to American Girls. Who knew American Girl dolls were political now?

Also making a strange foray into the world of politics are the Girl Scouts of America. When I went to their website to look into Girl Scout Curriculum, I was greeted with a video of Michelle Obama. There’s nothing wrong with any First Lady supporting the Girl Scouts, but it was rather jarring in this instance as the page was about the Girl Scouts’ decision to align their badges with Common Core standards. 

As Heritage pointed out, the Girl Scouts were founded to bring girls “into community service and the open air.… Girls Scouts hiked, played basketball, went on camping trips, learning how to tell time by the stars, and studied first aid.” Now, the mission of the Girl Scouts, as stated on their website is to “(build) girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” How? I guess I’m not understanding the point of modern Girl Scouts other than as indoctrination factory. Silly me, I guess that is the point. Is anybody else tired of government policies seeping into every little aspect of our lives? Even scouting and dolls aren’t safe anymore. 

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Joe Marshall

The Girl Scouts as a progressive wellspring is NOT new. From my work entitled "Last Call for Liberty":
"In his October 24, 1914 (YMCA) speech at Pittsburg entitled “The Power of Christian Young Men”, President Woodrow Wilson shares some of his revealing thoughts on the social purposes of Christianity and education, as well as the social function of the Family.
"...young men are embarrassed by having inherited their father’s opinions. I have often said that the use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible."
This is the same speech where Wilson says: “I wonder if we attach sufficient importance to Christianity as a mere instrumentality in the life of mankind. For one, I am not fond of thinking of Christianity as the means of saving individual souls". The concept of a forced redistributive collective salvation is not Obama's to claim. Can you imagine Christianity or religion period as a "mere instrumentality" of progressive collectivism? Why Not? Hitler did!!!
This speech is also the same speech where Wilson says this, "no man is a true Christian who does not think constantly of how he can lift his brother...who regard them selves as their brother’s keeper”. Sound familiar?
There is even more from this YMCA speech laying the foundation for a progressive 'common-core' education of our children. Common-core is not new, its the fruition of a long historic progressive/communist effort that also includes the work of such notables as John Dewey and Antonio Gramsci.

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Patricia M McBride

And the Obama administration wants us to think the federal government isn't involved in common core????? Another of the many lies being told!!!

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Patricia M McBride

Thank you so much for posting!

Matt Fonk

"Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd" comes to mind when I read this.