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Common Core - Resources and Information from the Experts

The state of our nation's education and the standards by which both students and educators are held should be of importance to all of us.  Common Core State Standards are national math and language arts standards that are being implemented across the country despite pushback from legislators, teachers and parents.

FreedomWorks held a nationwide town hall call last Thursday evening, June 6th, to help educate and equip activists around the country on this important issue. The hour long call hosted over 600 attendees and featured educational activists and Common Core experts Dr. Sandra Stotsky, research fellow for the Heartland Institute Joy Pullmann, Wyoming teacher Christy Hooley, and Wisconsin activist Tony Urso. 

FreedomWorks' Director of Grassroots, Whitney Neal was on the line throughout the call to guide our activists as to actions they can take and answer questions regarding the different challenges each state faces in stopping Common Core. 

You can listen to the entire call here.  You can also use our resource center on Common Core which lists actions you can take in your state to stop this program, testimonials of teachers and activists, connect with others in your area and get all the facts about Common Core

Our friends over at the Heartland Institute have also put together a great resource on the policy solutions to Common Core as well as messaging tips and ways you can get involved.   If you have a local group you're working with, they also offer a must-have guide that you can order.  

Since Common Core is in different stages in each state, and requires different legislative actions based on the laws and regulations of each state, it's important that you connect locally.  We're working with activists around the country who are dedicated to educating their peers, teachers and legislators as to their concerns about Common Core. Please let us know how we can help you by contacting Whitney Neal

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Kathleen Oshea's picture

I watched a C-SPAN segment on HELP (health, education, labor, pensions). The main focus was a "NATIONAL BOARD OF EDUCATION" and COMMON CORE. There was much talk to hear oneself speak offering costly amendments that would have little to no benefit for students. The more an amendment costs, the more democrats like it, the more control given to DC, the more the democrats like it, too much testing in COMMON CORE -that's for another day.
TIM SCOTT (R-SC), in so few words, no one knew what had just happened, offers his amendment to keep choices in the local schools. It was beautiful. You have to love this guy. After thanking him for being brief, and muttering among themselves in confusion, it was said, "I think we better read the bill." "Would the secretary have to sign something like this?" Mutter......
Then the sharpest marble in the room said, "Hey, you're trying to cut the legs out of COMMON CORE."

My grandchildren live in Pa. I want Tim Scott in Pa. We are stuck with Casey, an Obama yes man. We had a great guy running against Casey, but Holder insisted on VOTER FRAUD in my state among others. TIM SCOTT is brief, to the point, looking out for the kids, and honest.