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Congress is less popular than...

For any American paying attention, it can hardly be a surprise that Congressional approval is at a low point. In fact, it is at an all time low. In a recent poll, only 10% of respondents approved of the job Congress is doing. To get an idea of how abysmally low that rating is, let’s take a look at some other data for comparison. 

Banks, those boogeymen of the left, have a 26% approval rating in the same poll, and big business is seen favorably by more than twice as many Americans (22%) than approve of Congress. These institutions which are occupied and protested against, which are used as dirty words by pundits and bloggers, find themselves enjoying nearly double the popularity of the United States Congress. What about some of the truly unpleasant things which crop up in everyday life. How does Congress compare to those?

A whopping 78% of Americans went to the doctor last year for an annual checkup- meaning that having a physical is 68% more popular than Congress. People generally don’t want to go, but most of them will. What about the truly unpopular aspects of medicine? There are some medical tests which we would all want to avoid. Take, for instance, a colonoscopy. After the age of 50, everyone should be tested, and 62% of adults of 50 have had one. So, 52% more Americans will schedule a colonoscopy than approve of Congress. A colonoscopy

Americans are routinely poked and prodded, sometimes in very unpleasant ways by medical professionals. What they are less accepting of is being pushed around by Congress. Our so-called representatives need to take a good hard look at themselves and find out how their legislative bodies are so thoroughly failing the American people through their abysmal job performance. Approval ratings like these show that the people are waking up- and they don’t like what they see. 

Daniel Allred

Polls aimed at measuring the favorability of Congress serve little--if any--practical purpose. A far more revealing indicator of the actual favorability of Congress would be a poll asking the following question: "How do you rate YOUR Congressman?" Also, the question should be preceded with the following question: "What is the name of your Congressman?" If the first question can't be answered, then the answer to the second question should be discarded as a duplicate of Jay Leno's opinion.

Josie Elliott

Dear Freedomworks and Amelia Hamilton, the PRESIDENT'S approval rating is at 47% right now. Who's side are you on anyway? Seriously?? Congress is about the only thing you have keeping Obama from a complete tyrannical reign, they can only work with what they get, so what exactly is it you are hoping to gain by posting this story? Why are you hitting on Congress who has elections every 2 years, when our Senate who bends over backwards to kiss the President's every whim is the REAL problem? Remember, Democratic majority, they have elections every 6 years? There are a few hardcore Rock Stars in the Senate, but they get cut down by the established Republicans, so again, I ask, who's side are you on?