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"Conservatives Are Pro-Women" with Rachel Bovard, CPI and Nicolee Ambrose, RNC: | Women Win 2020

Rachel Bovard and Nicolee Ambrose spoke at FreedomWorks' Women Win 2020 conference to talk about what it means to them as women to be conservative. They show just how pro-women conservatism and the liberty movement are, and the unique challenges conservative women face from the Left.

Rachel Bovard is the Senior Director of Policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute. She has over a decade of experience fighting for conservative policies in Washington. Beginning in 2006, she served in both the House and Senate in various roles including as legislative director for Senator Rand Paul. Along with CPI’s Chairman, Sen. Jim DeMint, she is the co-author of Conservative: Knowing What to Keep. She is also a Fellow at Defense Priorities, and a senior advisor to the Internet Accountability Project.

Nicolee Ambrose is a grassroots activist, political commentator, and the statewide elected Republican National Committeewoman for Maryland. She is a FOX News Radio Political Analyst, and regularly speaks at events throughout Maryland and across the nation. Prior to being elected MDGOP National Committeewoman, Nicolee was elected Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation. Professionally, Nicolee is President & CEO of The Ambrose Group, LLC. Previously, Nicolee was vice president of both a labor and employment law firm, as well as a Fortune 500 membership association.