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Courts Rule in Favor of Prisoner in Need of Medical Care

Tue, 08/12/2014

Al-Turki v. Robinson, et al: While in prison one night, Plantiff Al-Turki began to experience severe pain in his left side and abdomen, to the point where Al-Turki collapsed, vomited, and believed he was dying. He reported this to a correctional officer, who contacted the medical center where the Defendant Robinson was on duty. Upon learning of Al-Turki’s condition, Robinson refused to see Al-Turki because the complaint was not an emergency. Al-Turki reported this severe pains two more times, and both times Robinson refused to see him, again saying it was not an emergency and she believed he posed an escape risk. At his medical appointment the next morning, Al-Turki passed two small kidney stones. The district court ruled that Plaintiff could prove a claim of deliberate indifference to medical needs in violation of the Eighth Amendment.


The Circuit Court affirmed

Read the full decision here