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Press Release

CSE Impact Update 3.14


Nearly 800 Activists Expected to Lobby Their State Legislators
for Less Government, Lower Taxes, and More Freedom

CSE will mobilize its members to participate in CSE “Days at the Capitol,” in Alabama, Florida, and Washington during the next week. Nearly 800 activists are expected to storm their respective capitols during these one and two-day events, which will feature educational seminars with prominent lawmakers and policy staff, opportunities to visit their elected officials, attend hearings, and testify before their state legislature.

CSE members know that government goes to those who show up. CSE activists volunteer their time and effort to learn about the issues, express their viewpoints visibly and vocally, earn substantial media, and participate in the democratic process by attending rallies, conducting monthly CSE Club meetings, and visiting with policymakers. In 2001, CSE held seven CSE “Days at the Capitol,” involving more than 2,000 activists and generating over 8,000 individual lobby visits. CSE will also host “Days at the Capitol,” in North Carolina, and is in the process of planning CSE “Activist Summits,” in several other states. For more information on CSE “Days at the Capitol,” click here.

Florida CSE Activists Voice Opposition to the McKay Tax Plan

Due to the recession and the September 11 attacks, many states are facing budget deficits. Though they have various options to address their budget deficits, many state legislatures are focusing their efforts on increasing taxes. Such as in Florida, where State Senator John McKay (R-Bradenton) has proposed to lower the state sales tax from 6 to 4 percent, while broadening the tax base by ending exemptions on many items and services. Florida CSE has been on the ground and in the media, letting citizens know that the McKay tax plan is the wrong solution to the state's budget deficit. Florida CSE’s activists have responded by sending over 467 letters to their legislators, and voicing their opposition to the plan. This past week, Florida CSE Director Slade O’Brien appeared on several radio programs, including WFTW and WBZR where he discussed the McKay tax plan and Florida CSE’s upcoming “Day at the Capitol.” For more information on Florida CSE’s efforts on this issue, click here.

CSE Activists to Reach Out to their Elected Officials During the Founder’s Day Recess

CSE will urge its members and activists to reach out to their elected officials during the Founder’s Day Recess, and make their voices heard on a number of CSE’s core issues. CSE will educate and mobilize activists across the nation at CSE club meetings, town hall meetings and political events, and spur them on to contact lawmakers in favor of a sound energy policy, permanent tax relief, controlled spending, and fundamental social security reform.