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Press Release

CSE Key Votes Against Bloated Omnibus


On behalf of the more than 300,000 members of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), CSE urged the Senate to vote NO on the FY 2004 Omnibus Appropriations bill. This bloated spending measure represents a huge blow to fiscal responsibility and to the principle of limited government. According to the Heritage Foundation, the omnibus will increase discretionary spending by nine percent, pushing it to $900 billion dollars.

This is just the latest in what has become a careless trend of massive spending increases, including increases of twelve and thirteen percent in the last two fiscal years. Each year Congress ups the ante more and more setting the starting point higher and higher for the next year.

By defeating this reckless, bloated spending bill the Senate would send the message that wasteful business-as-usual budgets will no longer be tolerated.

"The buck, literally, must stop here," said CSE President Paul Beckner. "It is way past time to end this cycle of reckless spending."

CSE will count the vote on the Omnibus as a KEY VOTE to be reported to our members in your state. This KEY VOTE will be used to determine eligibility for CSE's Jefferson Award, to be presented at the conclusion of the 108th Congress. This award is provided to those legislators that espouse the CSE principles of limited government, lower taxes, and more freedom.