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Cut the Size of Government - Increase Jobs


Personal Freedom and Power 103:  Possessions (Money and Property)

"...private property, production, and voluntary exchange... are the ultimate sources of human civilization."  - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Business is not a zero-sum game struggling over a fixed pie.  Instead it grows and makes the total pie larger, creating value for all of its major stakeholders, including employees and communities. - John MacKey

Cut the size of government - Increase Jobs

John MacKey is co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods.   He is an Independent voter and knows what will increase employment and prosperity in America - economic freedom achieved by radically reducing the size of government.   MacKey wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

America became the wealthiest country because for most of our history we have followed the basic principles of economic freedom: property rights, freedom to trade internationally, minimal governmental regulation of business, sound money, relatively low taxes, the rule of law, entrepeneurship, freedom to fail and voluntary exchange.

These principles must be embraced and utilized for America to be the world's moral, economic and intellectual leader.  Again, MacKey strongly asserts the solution - radically cut the size and cost of government:

Most importantly, we need to radically cut the size and cost of government.  One hundred year ago the total cost of government at all levels in the U.S. - local, state and federal - was only 8% of our GDP.  In 2010, it was 40%.  Government is gobbling up trillions of dollars from our economy to feed itself through high taxes and unprecedented deficit spending - money that could instead be used by individuals to improve their lives and by entrepreneurs to create jobs.

Totally independent of MacKey, the Tea Party Debt Commission has reached the same conclusion - cut the size of government.   FreedomWorks formed the Tea Party Debt Commission, which held many meetings and received input from thousands of Americans.   Perceptively, a steadily increasing number of Americans are demanding a return to small and limited government - NOW!

Recently, the Tea Party Debt Commission, with Senator Mike Lee of Utah officiating, presented the Tea Party Budget.  In accord with MacKey, the budget embraces economic freedom:

By "economic freedom," we mean getting the government off the back of this economy and letting individual entrepreneurs innovate and create jobs.   In particular, we think Congress should immediately undertake the following reforms:

Scrap the Tax Code
Stop the Regulatory Train Wreck
Replace ObamaCare with Patient-Centered Care
Tap America's Massive Energy Reserves
Ensure Sound Money

Again, mirroring MacKey's call for radical reduction of government, the Tea Party Budget reduces spending by $9.7 trillion in ten years.

Harmfully, America has rapidly fallen from being a world leader in economic liberty resulting in economic malaise for America.   Now, the Tea Party Budget boldly makes cuts and changes to propel America's economy and society forward.  Remember, MacKey's reason for cutting spending:

Government is gobbling up trillions of dollars from our economy to feed itself through high taxes and unprecedented deficit spending - money that could instead be used by individuals to improve their lives and by entrepreneurs to create jobs.

Reducing government spending allows all Americans to spend, save and invest.   This is the freedom that spurs economic prosperity and advances commerce, science, art and peace.   This is what made America exceptional.

To those that disagree, it is time to state your principles and program solutions. 

America can't wait. 
America must know the alternative economic theories.  
America must debate the problems and solutions.
America must act.

We cannot continue on our present rudderless disaster. 

We can't wait.


There should have been a mandate for the Super Committee. If you can't do this simple task of cutting the budget by 1.2 Trillion Dollars. You have to resign with no benefits or entitlements. I bet it would have gotten done by now!

teda's picture
Ted Abram


Absolutely correct. There must be penalties for the fiscal problems created by politicians.

Jeffrey Roush

There is a huge bubble that encases Washington D.C. Its up to the American Majority and the Tea Party to shatter it into a million pieces. The prosperity of the nation is on the line this election!

Joe Stark

Ron Paul for President!

teda's picture
Ted Abram


I totally agree. Also, I agree with your comment on Freedom Connection:

The Super Committee has failed, which is what happens when you take 12 establishment congressmen who are part of the problem and put them in a "Committee" expecting them to agree and create 1.2 Trillion in spending cuts, even though this same congress has not passed a budget in over 900 days. I'm I missing something here or was the Super Committee doomed to fail and just a ploy to get the debt ceiling passed? … More