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In Defense of Anarchy

Now that the House has voted to fully fund the government while refusing to pay for any part of the monstrous Obamacare, I'd like to rise in defense of the anarchy that passing this bill will bring.

Before I roll out my full-throated defense of this kind of anarchy, the unity shown by Republicans is a welcome change, one that watchers of that party know is due mostly to its internal dynamics. The two main factions have realized that their interest now is in working together, rather than in struggling for control.

Now according to the partisan Democrat New York Times, anarchists have passed a bill to keep the government open in order to shut it down:

The decision means that a government shutdown next month is now much more likely. In the past, shutdown threats were averted because Republican leaders were willing to negotiate on spending issues, though the spending cuts that resulted were often harmful to important programs. But the health law is not negotiable for President Obama and the Democrats. By choosing this as their live-or-die issue, Republicans are driving straight toward the brink and removing the brake pedal.

So because President Obama and the Democrats disagree with Republicans, according to the Times, Republicans must simply acquiesce. Why? Americans do not like the law, and Republicans were elected to control the purse strings of the government. 

The Times was merely taking their cue from Senate Majoity Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada). Reid is also convinced that people who want the government to continue at its existing size, but not to complete its takeover of the health care industry, are anarchists

The federal government will spend about $3.5 trillion next year. State and local governments will spend another $3.2 trillion.

Without Obamacare, the United States will still spend about $6.6 trillion to govern itself, instead of $6.7 trillion.

So if that's anarchy, what we're living in right now is anarchy, too.

It is ridiculous to call someone an anarchist for proposing that total government spending not be raised by 1.5%.

It's also ridiculous to spend a single dime on a program that is harming our country as much as is Obamacare.

Monica Bellucci

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