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As Democrats Distance Themselves From Obamacare, The Real Costs Are Hitting Home

coloradoOctober has not been kind to Obamacare. The first of the month was the date under the law when we were to see the exchanges in place, and when we were supposed to be able to see all the savings created by the law. And yes, all of this was going to happen under the promise that if you liked your doctor and your health plan, you could keep them. Of course, Tea Party activists have been warning since before it was passed that the ACA would achieve none of the above, and sadly, we've been proven correct. And now the Democrats who rammed this down our throats without a single Republican vote - breaking all sorts of promises about transparency in the process - are rallying around and touting how wonderful this law is.

Just kidding. They're rats off a sinking ship.

Rampant media reports last week indicate that, far from being eager to campaign on Obamacare, the Democrats are disavowing any responsibility for the trainwreck. "They shouldn’t own responsibility for problems with the law or its implementation,” one Democratic Party operative told Politico.

Clearly this explains why, after refusing to negotiate with Republicans to delay the implement the individual mandate in the governmental shutdown fight, they're now singing a different tune. Yep, believe it or not, they now realize that the law isn't ready for prime time, and many are ready to delay the individual mandate for a year.

I know, you're as shocked as I am.

Thing is, the news is never going to improve for this misbegotten idea. The NRSC has put together a handy chart showing how costs are skyrocketing and coverage is shrinking state-by-state. As a random example, I've included the infographic showing the impact in Colorado. There are 16 states to choose from, all of which are getting slammed hard by the effects of Obamacare. Of course, it remains to be seen if the NRSC follows up this effort by supporting conservative candidates that will actually oppose Obamacare and do everything they can to fight it instead of rolling over and accepting it as the law of the land.

After all, that's what the Tea Party - and the American people - have been demanding since Obamacare was first proposed.

Obamacare is the legacy of the Democrats. They own it, and they should pay dearly for it on Election Day 2014. But we cannot rid ourselves of this law unless we elect more conservatives who will actually fight. Yes, the Republicans need to take the Senate. But it's more than that - we need Republicans who will not simply go along to get along once they get to DC.

One thing is for certain - middle class families across America are looking for someone to fight for them. They cannot afford to live under this law.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Yes... that's right.... you know, the real reason the GOP keeps losing is not because they are unable to reach out to more moderate Americans, or that they are seemingly also unable to reach out or appeal to minorities and other ethnic groups whom are starting to outnumber the GOP's typical voting demographic. So you know what they need to do? Why- they need to become even MORE conservative! That's right, that seems to always do the trick.