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Issue Analysis

Deneen Borelli: In Desperate Bid to Stay Relevant, NAACP Chief Plays False Race Card Against Beck Supporters

Deneen Borelli, a Project 21 fellow, Fox News contributor, and FreedomWorks fellow has a great new piece up at on the baseless claims that Glenn Beck supporters are racist and the true intentions of NAACP President Ben Jealous:

The NAACP has increasingly used false claims of racism in a desperate attempt to maintain relevance.

While the NAACP seemingly tries to turn back the clock on the perception of civil rights progress, Americans who believe in the content of one’s character are moving forward.

Borelli points out that instead of focusing on the positive nature surrounding the “Restoring Honor” event, Jealous along with other progressives focused on the unnecessary issue of race. Their claims of racism were completely debunked by the actual events that took place at the “Restoring Honor” rally which included a speech given by Dr. Alveda King and a warm crowd response when Rev. C.L. Jackson of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Texas was awarded with the “Merit Award for Faith.”

Before the NAACP makes racism claims against Beck supporters, Borelli points out that they should look to their own establishment’s racially charged attacks first. She highlights her own experiences of being targeted by the black political establishment:

Like many black conservatives, I am often called a “token,” “traitor” and “sell out” simply because of my views for limited government and personal responsibility.

Ironically, the NAACP’s support of civil rights does not seem to apply to black conservatives.

Read the whole thing here.