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Deneen Borelli Electrifies the Crowd at Free the People in Utah

FreedomWorks hosted another grassroots training and networking opportunity for over sixteen thousand people. Free The People 2013 was held this past week at the USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, Utah. FreedomWorks described the event as:

Under the stars in Salt Lake City, Free the People 2013 is an event celebrating and inspiring the American entrepreneur. An all-star lineup of conservative icons will inspire the crowd to unleash America's innovative spirit, rein in government's meddlesome bureaucracy and restore the American dream.

One of those electrifying conservative icons is Deneen Borelli; who launched her speech with enthusiasm and candor by proclaiming a “beautiful day for liberty” and calling America an "exceptional country".  Borelli went on to briefly share her personal story of hailing from modest beginnings in Burlington County, New Jersey to becoming an author, Fox News Contributor, and Director of Outreach for FreedomWorks.  

While extolling the virtues of hard work and perseverance, Borelli proclaimed that this could only have happened in America.  Borelli also spoke of taking the scenic route to her current success, sharing how her hard work is a badge of honor that she would never change; from her work in corporate America to going to night school for 11 years to become the first college graduate in her family.

Turning to the issue of race, Borelli spoke of her focus on liberty and empowerment, while seeking to encourage others to be independent instead of being dependent.  While she could’ve spoken at length about the daily abuses she receives as a black conservative, she chose instead to focus on entrepreneurs being the future of this nation and her commitment to stand for their right to operate freely in our great country.


“Our country does not guarantee you success, but liberty guarantees you the opportunity to succeed.” ~ Deneen Borelli