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Issue Analysis

DNC Party Crasher! US Debt Expected to Top $16 Trillion During Dem Convention


Perfect. Republicans faced Hurricane Isaac during their national convention.
Democrats face a Hurricane of Debt during their convention.

The national debt is expected to top $16 trillion dollars this week.

debt clock

Obama added over $6 trillion to the nation's debt in less than four years.
When he took office it was $9.986 trillion.

This could be awkward.


Robert Compton

They say "It's to pay for the 'Bush Wars'"? I thought we borrowed money THEN to fund them - so what are they doing NOW? Borrowing MORE money to pay those loans off? If so, ANY penny-ante financial counselor will tell you that's a REALLY DUMB move!
In other words: Where the heck is that SIX TRILLION DOLLARS - PLUS - GOING?"

Butch Smith

Robert,we're spending close to a Trillion dollars per year on entitlements,the wars have cost us about 1.2 or 1.3 Trillion in the past 10 years so it's pretty easy to see where the money is really going.Of course some of it is going to pay off interest on money already borrowed,at present we're borrowing about 40 or 45 cents of every dollar that government spends.