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Earmarks in the Senate - How Your Senator Voted

Fiscal conservatives have long understood the danger of earmark spending.  Rep. Jeff Flake, who spent years fighting for an earmark ban in the House of Representatives, called earmarks the “gateway drug” to out-of-control spending because of the way that lawmakers can be enticed to vote for a controversial bill by offering them earmarks for pork-barrel project in their home state.  Led by Flake, conservatives succeeded in forcing leadership to impose an earmark ban after Republicans re-took the House in 2010.

A number of fiscally conservative senators have been fighting against pork-barrel spending in the Senate as well, and yesterday, February 2nd, Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) introduced an amendment to change the Senate’s rules to ban earmarks.  FreedomWorks placed a Key Vote notice on this legislation.

Unfortunately, the amendment failed, 40-59.  Sen. Toomey even managed to get seven Democrats to vote for his amendment, but thirteen Republican big-spenders voted against the amendment along with 46 Democrats, absolutely ensuring the bill’s failure.  See how they voted here.

The thirteen Republicans who voted to defend their ability to fund pork-barrel projects are:

Alexander (TN) – (202) 224-4944, @SenAlexander

Blunt (MO) – (202) 224-5721, @RoyBlunt

Cochran (MS) – (202) 224-5054

Collins (ME) – (202) 224-2523, @SenatorCollins

Hoeven (ND) – (202) 224-2551, @SenJohnHoeven

Hutchison (TX) – (202) 224-5922, @kaybaileyhutch

Inhofe (OK) – (202) 224-4721, @InhofePress

Lugar (IN) – (202) 224-4814, @senatorlugar

Murkowski (AK) – (202) 224-6665, @lisamurkowski

Roberts (KS) – (202) 224-4774, @SenPatRoberts

Sessions (AL) – (202) 224-4124, @SenatorSessions

Shelby (AL) – (202) 224-5744, @SenShelbyPress

Wicker (MS) – (202) 224-6253, @SenatorWicker

It is important that we let our Senators know that we oppose their wasteful earmarks – they are a corrupting practice, and our country cannot afford them.

Linda Colins

Of my 2 Senators, Warner voted "yes", and Webb voted "no". Webb is a tax and spend Lib, who cannot be counted on to help the economy. Warner is a businessman, and former Governor of Virginia. Sometimes Warner does the right thing.

Donald Wiley

I call Alexander EVERYTIME he srews us. I'll call him again tomorrow.
Thanx SO Much for the work you're doing.

mark barron

Totally outrageous !
These fat-rich cats who've become the D.C. insiders..the elistists...out of touch with main street and us regular folks...well it's time to jack it up...i don'tknow about you... but if your a african american..or a white caucasian or a hispanis,or whatever and your young need to wake up and realize what these fat-cats like Obama the "clown" is doing to you ..they are robbing you blind and the next generation is going to be broke and livin' in a third world enviroment that they ain't gonin' to like "all' you young americans better step it up ...this obama and his minions like pelosi ,reid ..and the rest don't give a hill of beans about you or your future....they are putting you and your kids and their kids in jeapordy...the politicians ..85% are out of touch with you and coukld care less about you...wake up young americans and "kick this clown" out along withall the phoney government representatives ..on both sides of the aisle ...and for washington and the pelosi types watch out we are coming for you ....VOTE THIS JOKE (OBAMA)OUT NOW !! ex. this dude plays golf everyday ,vacations in hawaii and around the world on your dime....he and his wife and kids milhia and sasha or whatever live like they are some kind of King and Queen...come on NOW it's out of control ...make your voices heard this November if obama hasn't already claimed he's King and ruler...Wake Up America !!!!!