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The freedom movement welcomes any person who believes in economic choice and envisions a future where today’s children have a better quality of life than the generation before.

Economic freedom benefits individuals and families in all communities, not just the privileged few. Less government means more power for people to control their own destiny, to think freely and make economic choices on their own terms.

Our community believes in empowerment over entitlement; and character over color. We believe that knowledge is power, and that personal independence comes with great personal responsibility.

The FreedomWorks Outreach Program aims to educate individuals of all races, colors and creeds on issues of economic empowerment and the many benefits that free enterprise can have on families and communities across America. Because the black community has suffered from overreliance on government, there is a special need for our segment of society to seek an alternative route to social advancement.

It’s time to get involved and make a positive difference in our communities, because no one from the government is going to do it for us. Let’s stand up to the abusers of racial politics, and fight the echo chamber of the liberal establishment that drives a wedge between minorities and the limited-government movement.