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Press Release

Energy Crisis Heightens, Supplies Dwindle


Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and its "activist army" have called on Congress to work closely with President Bush on implementation of his national energy plan.

Paul Beckner, President of CSE, issued the following statement regarding the production and supply crisis that faces our country:

"In the last eight years 36 oil refineries have closed. Differing fuel standards have put many smaller refineries out of business and have made many areas of the country vulnerable to price shocks.

"These federal fuel mandates, none of which have significantly improved air quality, actually adversely affected the ability of refineries to produce affordable energy and fuel. These mandates should be made more flexible to give refiners the ability to meet the everyday needs of working Americans and to help expand our national refining capacity.

"Supplies of abundant and affordable fuel and energy in the U.S. cannot be taken for granted. The stability of the supplies of fuel and energy was severely compromised during the Clinton-Gore years. In many respects, we have been fiddling while Rome has been burning.

"As a nation, we need to take decisive action to promote competition and support those policies that increase the supply and price stability of fuel and energy. The time has come for Congress to work closely with President Bush to implement his national energy plan to begin the recovery from our energy crisis."