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Entrepreneurs Will Save Us


If the government would let them.

A recent study shows that Americans have more faith in the power of entrepreneurship  than they do in government.

A new We Media/Zogby Interactive survey of 2,397 adults nationwide was conducted and the findings were surprising.  It seems that 63% of Americans are putting their trust in small businesses and entrepreneurs to lead the U.S. to a better future.

Ranking Member Sam Graves of the House Small Business Committee responded to the Zogby poll by saying, “Americans understand that to improve our economy and brighten our future, small businesses will lead the way. The poll released today is further proof that Americans do not believe bigger government will bring us prosperity.”

FreedomWorks has been saying for a long time that the United States needs to return to core values - usually we mean our standard lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.  But the spririt of entrepreurship is truly what is at the heart of this country and the quintessential American Dream.

Not just the passion behind our nations founders, the pioneers, and industrialists who built our country, entrepreneurs have a very tangible impact on our economy.  Small businesses are where real job creation comes from - not bailouts and stimulus plans.

A study by John Haltiwanger of the University of Maryland and Ron Jarmin and Javier Miranda of the Census Bureau offers support to those of us who have been preaching that bailouts to floundering corporations and huge public works projects will not create sustainable job growth.

Take a look at this graph from their study that shows net job creation by company size:

See that really tall column in the corner?  That is new companies under 50 employees.  What these small companies need is lower taxes, less regulation and strong property rights.

Of course, when we speak of entrepreneurs, we don't just mean small business owners - we mean anyone who sees a need or has an idea and works to make that idea reality.  And not with a hand out from the government, but by their own ingenuity.

FreedomWorks is celebrating our country's entrepreneurs - be sure to check out our groups, network with like-minded individuals, and tell us your story.  Our entrepreneurs should be applauded and you could win some great prizes in the process.