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Like Eugenics? You’ll Just Love Socialized Medicine


Under normal circumstances, documented support for radical and discredited population control methods would probably disqualify someone from holding a position of scientific authority like, for instance, “science czar.” Not so in Barack Obama’s administration.

According to a Washington Examiner report this morning, John Holdren, the recently appointed "czar" of American science, once co-wrote a book, Ecoscience, predicting a devastating population bomb (yet to go off) and suggesting a number of creative ways to cope with the impending disaster.

Among the suggestions in the book: Laws requiring the abortion or adoption of illegitimate children; sterilizing women after having two children; legally requiring "reproductive responsibility" to those deemed by pointy-headed eugenicists to "contribute to general social deterioration"; and incredibly, putting sterilizing agents in the drinking water.

Naturally, these population control measures would be enforced by "an armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force."

Fortunately, science and population control have nothing to do with health care. Or climate change.

Otherwise it might be cause for concern that the federal government wants to dictate those areas of the economy and our lives, and that at least one apparent advocate of forced sterilization by global junta is now a top adviser to the president of the United States.