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Even the Uninsured Don't Like ObamaCare

A new Gallup poll writeup released Thursday carried a misleading headline, claiming that more uninsured people were planning to get insurance through the ObamaCare Exchanges.  While it's no surprise that the Americans who plan to buy insurance are planning to buy Obamacare insurance, the writeup misses the real news- that fewer of the uninsured plan to buy insurance at all. 

Following the mass cancellation of individual health polices, more Americans have lost their insurance so far under Obamacare than have gained new coverage. That's right- ObamaCare has a net negative record of health care coverage for Americans right now. 

But Gallup is cheerleading for the law, trying to highlight positive polling.

 Expected Source of Health Plan -- Uninsured Americans Who Say They Are Likely to Get Insurance

Gallup suggests that the rising numbers are due to improvements made to, and

Another factor may be that previously uninsured Americans who now have health insurance for 2014 had other options, such as insurance through an employer or signing up on a spouse's or parent's plan. Those options may not be as available to those who remain uninsured.

Let's read between the lines, here. In other words, it may not be that exchanges are becoming more attractive to people. For those who want insurance, Obamacare's mandates and subsidies may have driven other, previously more attractive options out of the market. 

Of those uninsured, Gallup says 53% (down from 60% in December) plan to get insurance, while 38% say they are more likely to pay the fine. 

Kaiser poll of the uninsured indicates those without insurance view Obamacare unfavorably by almost 2-to-1

Among the uninsured, 47 percent view Obamacare in a negative light versus the 24 percent who view it favorably. That’s a change from 43 percent who viewed it unfavorably last month, and 36 percent who viewed it favorably. Overall, half of Americans view Obamacare unfavorably, while just over one-third have a positive take on the law. ​

It's clear that some people will continue to buy the overpriced Obamacare insurance, if only to avoid paying more in federal taxes. But many more will continue as before, paying their own doctor's bills using their own money.

It would be nice if the law didn't penalize people who just want to be sure they don't go bankrupt in case of catastrophe, but that will take repeal of this boondoggle of a law.