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The Final Countdown in South Carolina School Choice Fight

With only seven days left in the legislative session South Carolina school choice hangs in the balance. For the past six months FreedomWorks activists and local groups have been working tirelessly to pass H.4894, a meaningful education reform bill that will help to improve South Carolina's failing schools.  
After much hard work school choice passed the House of Representatives for the first time in South Carolina’s history, an historic and exciting day for children and parents alike. Despite this success the bill is currently being held hostage by a handful of state senators who are kowtowing to special interests and the education establishment.

These lawmakers need to hear from us!

Please call the following Senators and ask them to take a stand for kids and vote yes on H4894:

Larry Martin: (803) 212-6610, (864) 878-6105
Luke Rankin: (803) 212-6132, (843) 626-6269
Hugh Leatherman: (803) 212-6640, (843) 667-1152
Jake Knotts: (803) 212-6350
Wes Hayes: (803) 212-6410, (803) 328-8532

District Visits:  
Please consider taking a trip to Columbia to visit these key senators in person and ask them to vote YES on this important bill. It's time they hear from us directly.  

Please take a moment to sign the FreedomWorks petition supporting H4894:

Allowing children the freedom to choose what school works best for them allows for more competition and more choice, exactly what a limited government solution is all about.  

It is time will you stand and fight as we come down to the end, the final countdown?

For more information about how you can help please contact Allen Page at

Lew Richards

My family and I lived in South Carolina for over ten years! South Carolina is a beautiful state but offers some of the worst public schools in America!
As i see the main problem in South Carolina is having too many school districts, too many chiefs, high paid chiefs , and not enough caring indians to correctly instruct the students.
Having so many small districts allows "racial power" to rule and discriminate over the miniority "whites" in a school district. This really harms all races because a policy "racial power" limits the opportunities for all races to enjoy proper and intelligent Teaching from Quailified teachers regardless of race!
Of course there are many other serious problems generated from "racial power" public schools, BUT nothing can or will be done until RACE is not the determining factor in selecting a school district, a teacher, upper management personel, or any of the other governing decisions required in operating a public school system!
Having too many school districts brings many unneeded problems to South Carolina's public schools.T of effortshe most damaging is duplication of expenses and efforts.Having many smaller schools districts creates a "need' to duplicate all the higher priced "help", the superintendents, the principals, the legal advise, all the expenses a big school district has are repeated and wasted in smaller "racial power" public school districts!!
There are many, many quality problems and shortages ,

in the South Carolina Public School System and none will be fixed unless small school districts are eliminated and larger more economic and educational opportunities