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Firearms Freedom in Virginia: Almost There


The 2010 legislative session is winding down in Virginia with a number of victories for limited government activists to celebrate, but there is still work to be done.

The Virginia Firearms Freedom Act (HB69), which would redraw a clear line for gun owners, sellers, and manufacturers between federal and state authority, has passed the House of Delegates, but not the state Senate.

After crossover, it was referred to the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, which yesterday assigned it to their Special Sub-Committee. A hearing date and time has not yet been announced, but contact info for members of the Special Sub-Committee can be found below.

If you live in Virginia, please take a moment to call or email these five senators, and remind them that their constituents are counting on them to support gun rights and state sovereignty through HB69.

Sen. Linda Puller (D) - (804) 698-7536

Sen. Janet Howell (D) - (804) 698-7532

Sen. L. Louise Lucas (D) - (804) 698-7518

Sen. Frederick Quayle (R) - (804) 698-7513

Sen. Henry Marsh (D) - (804) 698-7516