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Forbes: The Tea Party Plan for Replacing ObamaCare

Forbes magazine has a great new article: "The Tea Party's Plan for Replacing ObamaCare."

In it, the magazine's health policy guru Avik Roy reviews the new, FreedomWorks-endorsed Patient OPTION Act (H.R. 4224) authored by Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia.

This bill would fully repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a series of common-sense reforms.

FreedomWorks regards the Patient OPTION Act as the best health care reform package introduced so far this Congress and a great down-payment on a patient-centered system.

Roy is also positive: 

The OPTION Act may not be a cure-all for the ills of American health care, but it does offer a number of useful and original reforms that would make health care cheaper and more accessible. More people should take a look at it.

Together with the State Health Flexiblity Act (a solid Medicaid reform bill authored by Congressman Todd Rokita of Indiana and supported by Dr. Broun), we think this bill represents a bold, principled approach to health care reform. 

Let's make this the last year of ObamaCare—and the first year of affordable, patient-centered health care. Let's pass the Patient OPTION Act. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Congressmen to cosponsor the Patient OPTION Act.

Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks' Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy.

linda boghossian

dump obamacare with a real plan. the tea party plan to replace his plan and have the tea party plan it is a good idea.

Robert Paxton

Individuals do not see exactly how you can easily extend care to individuals who do not now have it without harming folks who do have it now. I think Obama ignored, as did Clinton, the sensitivity of individuals to exactly what they see as an effort to make them share the healthcare with unsatisfactory individuals. People see it appropriately. "Healthcare reform" is news speak for redistribution. Individuals do not wish to "share" their specialist-- they desire his undivided attention. They do not desire the exceptional facilities, such as <" Carolina drug rehabs</a>, near their house to be moved far away in order to also out "health care variations." They do not desire funds utilized for treating for their youngster's unusual cancer to be moved into purchasing others birth control.

heavyduty360's picture
Jesse Auburg

How about repealing it and not replacing it. Yeah, that sounds a whole lot better to me. This how we got into this mess in the first place. Get rid of it and leave it the heck alone.

scottb's picture
Scott Booth

The Title should read "The Tea Party's Plan for Replacing Obama." The rest would be easy.