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Op-ed Placement

Forget the Spending Gap; It’s the Enthusiasm Gap that Matters

Originally Published in The Blaze on 10/7/14.

Karl Rove is worried. In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, he laments the fact that Democrats have outspent Republicans by more than $20 million in this year’s Senate elections.

“[T]he Democrats’ summer ad blitz,” Rove writes, “in which they spent $58 million to the GOP’s $54.4 million, dented some Republican candidates but failed to convince people to vote for Democrats, especially beleaguered incumbents. They’re stuck where they were at the summer’s start, and whatever damage Republican campaigns suffered can be repaired, given adequate money.”

It’s interesting that Rove should be complaining about a lack of spending against Democrats when, the political establishment he supports have frittered away millions in order to destroy challenges from principled, liberty-focused Republicans.