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The FreedomCast - Episode 56 - Brad Thor, the Federal Reserve and Taking Back the GOP

Brad ThorOn today’s edition of The FreedomCast, best selling author Brad Thor joins me to discuss his new book “Hidden Order,” how life imitates art, especially when it comes to his all too factual spy novels, and why the Federal Reserve may just be the next NSA type scandal.

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Mr. Thor is right: take over the Republican Party from the inside. Ms. Ribali is also correct: take over the precincts and you take over the party. The place to start is at the local level. Independence is the American Dream. The first thing our founding fathers did was they signed a Declaration of INDEPENDENCE, then they fought a war of INDEPENDENCE, and then they designed our Constitution to preserve, protect, and promote our political INDEPENDENCE. Independence is the American Dream. And If the Republican Party will not play ball then the Independence Party of the United States of America is waiting in the wings. But the first thing to do is try to control the Republican Party.

It does the heart good to see that Americans from all over are finally standing up, getting to work, and changing things. Keep an eye on the ball and you will hit a home run.

Monica Bellucci

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