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The FreedomCast: Episode 6 - Dr. Tom Borelli and Obama's Second Term Energy Policy

Episode 6 - Senior FreedomWorks fellow, Dr. Tom Borelli and Obama's Second Term Energy Policy

On today’s edition of The FreedomCast, Senior FreedomWorks fellow Dr. Tom Borelli joins me to discuss Obama’s energy policy in his second term, the Keystone Pipeline, and why elections have consequences and you’re going to see those consequences in your energy bill.

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D.G.'s picture
Don Gibson

What's with the ranting about coal plants? Cheap gas has made coal economically uncompetitive. Sorry coal folks, you'll get another chance in 20 years. Maybe 10, if T. Boone has his way and we convert big-rigs to natl. gas.


the recording isn't so good. try to use more professional tools next time or use a software to reduce the noise <a href="">wedding toasts and speeches here</a>