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Press Release

FreedomWorks Activists Demand Email Privacy

FreedomWorks activists sent nearly 5,000 messages to their representatives to support email privacy reform. In the two weeks leading up to Data Privacy Day, activists around the country made it clear that it is unacceptable that emails older than 180 days can be accessed by the government without a warrant.

FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe commented, “It’s time to get the government out of your inbox. Why should the government be able to read emails older than 180 days without a warrant? Our activists are sending a clear message to Washington: It’s time to bring the Fourth Amendment into the 21stCentury.”

The Email Privacy Act would uphold the 4th Amendment by fixing the loophole in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) that allows the government to read emails older than 180 days without a warrant.

FreedomWorks is a strong supporter of data privacy, having joined with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ken Cuccinelli to file a class action lawsuit against the NSA’s bulk data collection. Activists are currently preparing to engage on another showdown on NSA spying, surrounding the reauthorization of the controversial Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act.

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