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Press Release

FreedomWorks Activists Visit Senator Lamar Alexander’s Nashville District Office Staff and Urge Him to Say No to Drug Price Controls

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- FreedomWorks grassroots activists visited Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-Tenn.) district office staff today and made their case for why Congress must oppose socialized healthcare and in particular, price controls on prescription drugs.

Kathy Hartkopf, FreedomWorks’ Southeast Regional Grassroots Coordinator, commented:

“Government goes to those who show up, and FreedomWorks’ outstanding grassroots activists have done just that today. Our grassroots activists whole-heartedly oppose Nancy Pelosi’s health care plan, which includes socialized price controls on prescription drugs. Rather than lowering costs, price controls on prescription drugs will lead to shortages and the development of fewer life-saving cures, while at the same time raise costs for everyone. FreedomWorks activists are proud to continue the fight against government involvement in American’s healthcare, and we hope that Senator Alexander will do the same and oppose price controls back in Washington.”


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