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Press Release

FreedomWorks Attends Rep. Tom Feeney Social Security Townhall Meeting


APOPKA, FL. US Representative Tom Feeney (Florida District 24) held a Townhall meeting on Social Security in Apopka Florida on Monday, January 31st. FreedomWorks Florida State Director John Hallman was on hand to distribute information on Personal Retirement Accounts. John Hallman commented that Representaive Feeney did a great job in laying out the impending financial crisis of the current Social Security program and discussing the options for fixing the system. As always, a lengthy Q & A followed Rep. Feeney's presentation. After the meeting Rep. Feeney thanked John Hallman and FreedomWorks for being on hand and stressed the importance of FreedomWorks' educational efforts. There are many misconceptions out there and FreedomWorks is leading the effort to educate citizens with the facts.