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Press Release

FreedomWorks CEO Applauds Boehner's Support of Justice Reform

Speaker John Boehner unexpectedly gave a strong endorsement of justice reform efforts in the House of Representatives on Thursday, July 16. FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented on Boehner's ringing endorsement of justice reform:

"John Boehner's support for justice reform shows that momentum is growing in Congress. Not only that, but it's one of the few issues that transcends party lines and we can actually get something done. For too long, lawmakers have enacted big government mandates that leave us with a skyrocketing prison population, high costs, and broken families. The status quo is unsustainable."

"States have led the way on justice reform. Texas and Georgia led the way with prison and sentencing reforms that focused on treatment and rehabilitation. These groundbreaking reforms helped reduce crime, reduce repeat offenders rates, and saved millions of dollars in taxpayer money."

"Our grassroots activists are excited about the prospects of passing comprehensive justice reform. We should not miss this unique opportunity to enact transpartisan legislation to benefit the American people. Civil asset forfeiture reform and mens rea legislation should also be strongly considered by Congress this year.

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rae yearnd

So does Boehner stand with Obama on the release of convicted drug dealers that just happen to be of the correct political profile?
Boehner at best is a broken clock,, he has the right time twice a day. How we can elect a President with a true constitutional conservative agenda when his policies will be apposed by members of his own parties leadership??
I will never forget or forgive that after the last 2 congressional elections Boehner and MC Mitch have directed a purge of anyone who might have ever talked to a Tea Party member,, or even had a glass of tea at lunch. I refuse to celebrate anything Boehner he has been so wrong for so long. Don't cry John