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Press Release

FreedomWorks to Congress: Stop Tinkering with ObamaCare, Make “Repeal Plus” Legislation A Top Priority

Washington, DC- FreedomWorks Vice President of Public Policy, Dean Clancy, released the following statement today in response to the President’s health care announcement:

“FreedomWorks plans to redouble our efforts for full repeal. The President’s unilateral, one-year delay of the benefit mandates for Americans with cancelled policies is of dubious legality, and confirms that we were right to fight to defund this misguided, unworkable law.”

“The President likened ObamaCare to purchasing a new car following seatbelt mandates, ‘even if you can’t afford it right now.’ While he’s right to let people keep driving around in ‘an old beat-up car’ for another year, shouldn’t they be able to keep whatever ‘car’ they prefer for as long as they want? Why does any federal bureaucrat think they know what kind of car we should drive, or what kind of insurance we should have?”

 “ObamaCare can’t be fixed, it needs to be uprooted. There is no sure way to restore the millions of cancelled insurance policies, but Congress can stop the bleeding. We are urging the House and Senate to stop trying to tinker with the law, and instead move ‘repeal plus’ legislation that would replace ObamaCare with targeted patient-centered reforms that actually lower costs, give patients more freedom, and let people keep their plans.”

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