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Freedomworks Expresses Disappointment with Rep. Coffman’s Move to Join Democrats on Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON, D.C. - FreedomWorks is disappointed in Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-Colo.) decision to join forces with the far-left on Title II regulation of the internet. A repeal of the Restoring internet Freedom Order will reinstate a harmful, heavy-handed regulatory framework for the internet that will stifle innovation and reduce consumer choice.

FreedomWorks Director of Policy, Patrick Hedger, commented:

“There is nothing conservative about this discharge petition that would pave the way to undoing the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. Far-left Democrats are pushing this measure to put a government stranglehold on the internet. The Congressional Review Act was passed with the intention of undoing harmful regulations, not putting them back in place.

“The only way to create regulatory certainty for businesses, investors, and consumers is to pass legislation. Leaving this issue in the hands of unelected bureaucrats for decades to come is not a viable solution-- Congress must reaffirm the light-touch regulatory framework that was established in 1996. It is disappointing to see someone who labels himself as a Republican sign on to this course of action. The Internet is too important to gamble away in the hopes of winning some votes from radical progressives.”


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It is frustrating to see somebody who marks himself as a Republican sign on to this game-plan.


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