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Press Release

FreedomWorks on the Freedom Caucus Vote on Paul Ryan


Following the House Freedom Caucus vote on Chairman Paul Ryan's potential bid for Speaker of the House, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

"The House Freedom Caucus may not have formally endorsed Paul Ryan this evening, but it's clear he has the support of most of its members and would likely win a bid for Speaker should he choose to run. The ball is in his court.”

"If Ryan does decide to run, we urge him to avoid changing the motion to vacate the chair, which one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, authored to provide checks and balances in the House of Representatives. We also urge Ryan to consider the reasonable process reforms requested by the House Freedom Caucus."

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kathleengrillo.grillo's picture
Kathleen Grillo

After reading much discussion, participating in several conservative groups, and seeing the shenanigans in Congress over the recent past: Francis I, Boehner, fake, heir-apparent for Speaker and then, up pops Paul Ryan; or was The Fix In From The Get-Go!? Starting to feel like the latter! And, then, Ryan makes demands, wnts lots of down-time (family guy and all that) really? The Third In Line for the Office of the Presidency of The United States of America, should both POTUS and V-POTUS be unavailable to serve, then The Presidency goes to The Speaker of the House of Representatives! In the event of a most plausible situation arises wherein that scenario plays out, I don't want to hear that the Speaker is attending one of his children's recitals outside The USA; or, maybe that the Feds stuck up some Unconstitutional Private Employment Contract with Ryan! It seems Ryan has been putting on a front for the last several years and he's really "just one-of-the-good-ole-boys" but which ones? Somewhere back around 2010, I think he drank the "coolaid", cause, more and more, he sound to me like a whiny 'demprogpublican' duplicitous weasel!
'WeThePeople' are watching you, Paulie - and the rest of your crew! This Exceptional Nation, The Republic of The United States of America, is no place for you to work out possible jealous political vendettas! Remember what happened to, "et tu Brute" 's vic?

stonestone's picture
stone stone

These comments are amazing. Look- guess what? The country doesn't want or care about your immature, ridiculous, outdated conservative fantasies. If that's really and truly what your goal is then you might want to consider moving to another country because that's not the country the US has ever been nor ever will become.

If you want to "clean house" start with these conservative morons who have about as large of an IQ as my cat.

Lmoran7285's picture

This group has lost all credibility. Not another dime.

Michael Fulton's picture
Michael Fulton

We need to clean house of ALL of these career politicians that want to turn us into a 3rd world country. Ryan wanting to give illegals (law-breakers) citizenship is unforgivable and should keep him out of the speakership job. We'd be better served by Gohmert or Webster.

harv1961's picture
Michael Harvey

Paul Ryan is Boehner 2.1. This group is two faced. Webster is the true conservative. This group has turned into GOP schill.

Lynn Brannon's picture
Lynn Brannon

I sure hope you are backing away from the freedom causus. After the way they lied to Glenn Beck I am done with anyone who voted for Paul ryan. Still looking for who the actual members are. Do you have a list?

David Hea's picture
David Hea

Paul Ryan is a big government progressive Republican.. If certain members of the Freedom Caucus support him for Speaker then I would ask them to make their names known prior to the 10/29 vote. I would not support anyone for office who wishes to grow the size and power of the federal government and am curious to know the names and phone numbers of those Republicans who would.

Glenn Nelson's picture
Glenn Nelson

I had heard thru other media outlets that the Freedom Caucus had now supported Ryan as speaker. I still question this move, even on the part of Freedom Caucus. He is not good for the position.