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Press Release

FreedomWorks Hails Speaker Ryan's Willingness to Cancel Christmas (Break) for Tax Reform

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon issued the following statement supporting Paul Ryan's opening the door to canceling Christmas break to pass tax reform:

"We are glad to see Speaker Paul Ryan willing to stay in Washington and work to pass tax reform over the scheduled Christmas break. It would be encouraging if Leader McConnell were as dedicated. He wouldn't even cancel the week-long recess for Columbus Day to make progress on tax reform.

"The American people need tax relief this year, and House and Senate Republicans need it just as much if they want to maintain the majorities in the 2018 mid-terms. The economic benefits from tax reform will only be felt next year if it passes this year.

"Dramatically simplifying the tax code and lowering the burden of taxes so we can see an economic boom is of national importance. More important than maintaining the average 2.5-day work week the Senate has been maintaining this year."